NY1 Advertising On The Web

NY1's continuously-updated website supplies timely New York City news and feature material to hundreds of thousands of Internet users across the city and around the world.

Advertisers can take advantage of the NY1 brand-name through online ad packages that range from a single banner that appears on any number of pages, to a title sponsorship of one of the website's many sections, to a full-scale promotion that couples online ads with on-air spots.

The NY1.com website offers a variety of industry-standard banner placements including 300x250 rectangles, 160x600 skyscrapers, 728x90 leaderboards, and 234x60 half-banners. The site also offers pre-roll and post-roll video ads that appear before and after our news video clips.

In addition, NY1 offers advertising opportunities within our popular mobile apps.

NY1's ad management system can rotate an advertiser's banner throughout the site, or target banners to specific sections. The system can run ad banners directly from NY1's servers, or it can circulate and track banners that come from third-party ad management services.

Banner pricing is based on standard CPM measurement, and varies by order.

NY1 also provides comprehensive services for advertisers wishing to run online contests or couple their promotions with an on-air component.

For more information on NY1.com ad sales, e-mail the Media Sales Department or call (212) 367-0600.

NY1 Advertising On The Air

NY1 News, Time Warner Cable's 24-hour newschannel in New York City, is seen on channel 1 in more than 2.1 million homes, representing approximately 4.5 million viewers and more than 10,500 corporate offices, 1,900 restaurants and bars, and 60,000 hotel rooms. NY1's household ratings have risen 86 percent since it was first measured by AC Nielsen.

Advertising on NY1 allows advertisers to reach one of the most vital markets for a relatively low investment. By combining NY1's high cumulative audience with the channel's competitive rates, advertisers can efficiently reach their market with high frequency and pinpoint precision.

For information on advertising on NY1 television, e-mail the Media Sales Department or call (212) 367-0600.


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