The West Webster community is remembering two firefighters who were shot and killed in an ambush five years ago. 

Wreaths and candles were placed along Lake Road by firefighters on the morning of Christmas Eve. Some say that it seems more like five minutes rather than five years ago when two of their colleagues were ambushed and killed. 

“I think this stretch of road has a place in people`s minds, especially for our members as to what happened that day,” said West Webster Fire Department PIO Matthew Sauers. 

Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Koczowka were killed in the 2012 shooting. The two were heading to a call on Lake Road when they were killed by gunman William Spengler.  

According to police, Spengler also shot and killed his sister before turning the gun on himself. Those living close by remember being in the midst of it all. 

“You can never forget it. I was right in the middle of it,” said neighbor Robert Gascon. “Everything was shot up but me.”

Gascon was the 911 caller that called the fire in. 

“This is not something that we should forget. These guys died trying to save us. They deserve the memorial and all the people that come and stop,” said Gascon. 

Firefighters rang a bell of remembrance in honor of the two fallen firefighters. 

“I have a brand new house now. I`d take it all back and take the old one to have those guys alive,” said Gascon.