ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — At McKinley Mall Saturday, it was Christmas trees, pictures with Santa and shoppers racing against the clock to finish their holiday shopping in time for Christmas.

"It's crazy! We've been out here since 8:30. Got to go stop at all the stores, got to get everything for the family. Definitely, enjoying it though," said Andrew Heitzhaus of Buffalo.

"I've always been procrastinator. So, it gets to crunch time and the wife gets nervous, so she's running store to store, so that's how I get out of it," said East Aurora resident Bill Ramsdell.    

While many shoppers say the key to getting through the madness of the final days is getting an early start, others say the key is having a plan.

"I pretty much plan where I need to go, make a list and hit all the stores that I need to. So I do have a plan coming in, for sure," said Stacey Dueringer.

"We wrote up a list yesterday and we're just going to stick to that list. Nothing extra. Get through today, get home by noon. That's the plan hopefully," said Buffalo resident Chuck Johnson.  

But when it comes to holiday shopping, even the best laid plans can go wrong.

According to the National Retail Federation, only 12 percent of consumers finished their shopping by December 12, with the average shopper only knocking off about half of their holiday list. About six percent say they'll be out looking for gifts on Sunday.

"We're done. We're getting all of it done today," said Chris Milholland and Shelumiel Dunn.

"We'll be back out tomorrow with the other brother (laughs)," said Emily Heitzhaus.     

One thing is for certain: she won't be alone.