AUSTIN, Texas - Just days before the holiday, Christmas wishes were granted.

The Hispanic Contractors Association teamed up with the Austin Police Department to give out 550 bikes to less fortunate children at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Becky Reyna and her five kids have had a hard year. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to give them the Christmas she wanted to, she had a tough talk with her children about the meaning of the holiday.

“I definitely told my kids we have been struggling and Christmas was not all about the presents, but more about being with your family and enjoying that quality time with them. Enjoy the little things we have in life,” said Reyna.

Reyna’s family received a few presents through Austin Police Department's Blue Santa program, but a new bike was too much to hope for.

“My mom just said, ‘Surprise!’ and I’m just like … because I saw all the bikes,” said Joseph Gauna.

Each of Reyna’s children received a brand new bike through the program.

The event also hoped to facilitate positive interactions with police and community.

“It kind of created that connection for the young children to see the connection with police and associate positive aura about our police that protect us,” said Luis Jauregi, vice president of the HCA.

“This was something that was brought to us because the community recognizes the importance of police and community relationships,” said Interim Police Chief Brian Manley with the Austin Police Department.