ROME, N.Y. -- During this season of giving, the Rome Rescue Mission could use some help. It's $40,000 short of the $150,000 needed to serve the community.

The Rescue Mission serves hundreds of people food each day, and provides services many rely on. It's taken on a lot in the last few years, but Executive Director Matt Miller doesn't believe additional projects and services have raised operating costs by much.

"Our Mobile Mission added a little bit of a cost, but not so much where it's hurting us financially, and I think right now, it's just reaching out," Miller said.

Officials hope to reach $150,000 by the end of the year. The money helps them with their mission -- helping others. They provide hundreds of meals every day, educational services, and help out locals during the holidays.

"Next year, we're planning on opening a manufacturing company where our clients, the people that we serve, the homeless folks, will have an opportunity to work in this manufacturing company and make a living," Miller said.

He has confidence the community will come through.

"I know that we live in one of the most caring and giving communities that I've ever been in, and so I'm very confident that we'll reach our goal," said Miller.