Women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual assault held a news conference Monday morning.

They detailed their allegations. One woman said he “repeatedly kissed [her] cheeks” when she first met him about 12 years ago.

This is just one of many accusations that came to light recently against politicians and celebrities.

Volunteer Coordinator at Sexual Trauma Resource Center at Safe Alliance, Norman Spencer, said “we're excited that more people are coming forward and feeling comfortable doing that.”

Spencer trains volunteers like Timeria Barber who’s there to listen when survivors call the hotline.

Barber said the volunteers’ goal is to get this message out – “It wasn't your fault. There's nothing you did wrong. We're happy you're here.”

She explained “Even though it happened years ago, or maybe you were trying to get a job or something, or whatever the situation is, it's still painful if you don't talk about. It's always going to be there.”

Sunday, we got to see and hear how new volunteers learn and practice taking these calls.

One of the new volunteers Cher McAfee told us “At the end of the day I hope to help someone through probably one of the most traumatic times of their lives, and be able to move past that and not let that define them.”