AUSTIN, Texas - A Texas organization is speaking out after a video goes viral of a boy distraught by bullies.

The video, which captivated the internet, highlighted bullying and rallied a long list of celebrities in support of Keaton Jones, a Tennessee middle school student.

Keaton questions in the video why bullies do what they do. He cries while he talks about how his bullies make fun of his appearance and said he has no friends.

The Kindness Campaign was saddened by Keaton's message.

"When I saw this particular video it brought so much to the surface for me,” said Andra Liemandt, the founder.

The campaign focuses on fighting bullying by educating children in more than 80 Texas schools. The program starts in Pre-K and aims to create positive patterns of social and emotional behavior. 

Many victims of bullying tend to stay quiet, but Keaton's courage is inspiring those advocates here in Texas.

"It's not something that's happening to someone else. It's happening every day. It's something that needs to change,” said Liemandt.

Pain like what Keaton is experiencing is a driving factor for the recently passed David's Law, which fights cyber-bullying in Texas.

The author, Senator Jose Menendez, D-San Antonio, said this video can help raise awareness - especially for parents. 

"Parents need to have a super active awareness of what is going on in their children's lives. Many parents have said they just didn't realize it was so bad,” said Sen. Menendez.

The Kindness Campaign said the first step is realizing there's a problem then acting.

"We've got to start setting up tools. We have to start helping them engage, and if we don't do it today, I don't know what the future of tomorrow will look like,” said Liemandt.

The Kindness Campaign hopes to expand across the country.

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