GREENSBORO -- Intersection improvements at Battleground Avenue and Cone Boulevard started in April and the work has caused some headaches for neighboring businesses.

"They have been working to move the curb and gutter back and create an additional lane for turning and improving the intersection flow, as well as some sidewalks," said Melinda King, the City of Greensboro’s construction engineer.

Alison Schwartz manages the store, All Pets Considered. She tells us this construction equipment is always parked in the way causing delays getting in and out of their lot.

"It's such a nuisance for our customers," said Schwartz. "We've actually asked our own employees to carpool to work or to be dropped off at work to avoid having their cars in the parking lot."

Paving and milling work was scheduled to begin Monday. But now the paving and milling work isn't happening until next year. Crews need temperatures at 42 degrees and rising for that work to happen-causing even more headaches for drivers and small businesses along this stretch of Battleground Avenue.

"Within a radius that's listed on our website, we will deliver for free. So, that helps the customer out so they don't have to come out and get into the traffic, we're happy to do that for them. We also will do curbside service," said Schwartz.

King says a mix of snow, cold temperatures, and the holiday season forced the decision to hold off until 2018. 

"I would like to think they're going to move everything out of our parking lot and stay out of our way to allow our customers to come and go and if that gives us more freedom for our customers to be able to come and go after the holidays, that would really help us," said Schwartz.