NATIONWIDE -- Christmas is just around the corner, but so could be a person scheming to get your presents.

There's been a string of package thefts in recent months, where "porch pirates" come to doorsteps to take packages left by carriers.

Between now and Dec. 31, mobile app Nextdoor says USPS expects to deliver more than 15 billion pieces of holiday mail. Also, according to the app, 43 percent of neighbors report having at least one package stolen, and over 40 percent of neighbors had multiple packages stolen.

But, we're all in luck. Here are the top three apps you can download to ensure your package doesn't end up under someone else's Christmas tree:

  • Nextdoor - Neighbors can ask for help retrieving a delivered package, report suspicious activity, and share surveillance footage with neighbors to help identify a package thief.
  • Ring - Allows neighbors to answer the door from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet.  
  • Package Guard - The Frisbee-shaped device detects when a package is delivered and will send an alert if the package is removed from the device.

Happy gifting!