A nationwide phishing scam is targeting educators.

The Secret Service tells Spectrum News that school employees are receiving emails pretending to be their employer. The recipient is asked to log into their payroll account and update their personal information. This phishing scam gives the criminal access to outgoing emails and direct deposit information, among other things.

School employees are asked to be vigilant about incoming emails.

"The insidious nature of this attack is that you don't have to click on any attachment," said resident Agent-in-Charge Timothy Kirk. "The email itself is the virus and the malware. So, prior to opening it, make sure it's a trusted source."

The Secret Service released very limited information, but it is investigating one incident in the area. 

Secret Service tips to help protect your information:

-Avoid logging on to banks and other personal websites when using public WIFI

-Use 2 or 3 factor authentication to log on to personal accounts

-Make passwords as complicated as possible

-Use challenge questions

-Delete cookies regularly to remove information websites have stored