ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A Churchville mother and her boyfriend were arraigned Thursday afternoon in connection with the death of the woman's son in June.

Dolfona Grayson and her boyfriend Walter Morse were named in a felony indictment which was unsealed in court. The pair is accused of leaving Grayson's 10-year-old son, J'Vieon Grayson-Sutton, home alone inside a Fitch Street apartment on June 12. 

Prosecutors say the boy, who suffered from a compulsive disorder and was prone to ingesting things uncontrollably, died after swallowing a lethal dose of fentanyl. Prosecutors say Dolfona was aware of J'Vieon's disorder, and even had to get him medical attention after another incident during which he drank an entire bottle of hot sauce.

Prosecutors say drugs and drug paraphernalia were found inside the home. Grayson and Morse are charged with manslaughter. 

Grayson was released, but the judge ordered her to wear an ankle monitor until her next court date in February.

Morse is also charged with attempted murder and assault for an October shooting on Borchard Street. Prosecutors say Morse tried to kill J'Vieon's biological father who allegedly was cooperating with authorities in the June investigation. According to court paperwork, police say Morse walked up to the man in broad daylight and opened fire. The victim survived after being struck three times.

Morse is being held without bail in the county jail. His next court appearance will be in February.