NEW YORK - A new campaign wants city stranphangers to let the governor know every time a subway is delayed on social media.

The Riders Alliance say they want to build pressure on Governor Andrew Cuomo, who oversees the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Organizers gathered at Grand Central on Monday, instructing riders to use the hashtags #CuomosMTA and #FixTheSubways when grumbling online about delays. 

"We're focused on making sure that Governor Cuomo follows through on the promises that he has made to come up with a legitimate plan to fix the MTA. And if the governor takes that vital step, then we'll make sure that the legislature actually passes it," said Riders Alliance Executive Director John Raskin.

There were more than 58,000 delays on weekdays in September following the "summer of hell" for transit riders. 

That's a nearly three-fold increase in five years. 

In response, the governor's office says efforts over the summer cut into delays.

They say the state invested $8.4 billion in capital money and declared a state of emergency to improve the subway system.