It's a story you first saw on Spectrum News: An Oswego County church posted a message on their welcome sign saying it is "not a gun-free zone."

Thee same message was there Friday, with one addition -- "locked and loaded."

It is a message the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God has supported for years following several mass shootings across the country. After last week's shooting at a Texas church, this church decided to post the message again.

Thursday, Spectrum News spoke with the pastor who said allowing guns helps the congregation to defend itself against possible danger. And members of the church are in full support. 

"It makes me feel safer as a parishioner," said Meredith Williams, a church member. "I have two young children, and knowing that as a mother and a parishioner, that coming in we are safe and that we are safe to worship when our backs are turned and our eyes are closed, that there is somebody there to protect us."

Members say they don't always know who is carrying a gun, but they find comfort in knowing someone is there to protect. Members have also taken self defense classes and learned how to identify suspicious behavior.