SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - The small town of Sutherland Springs is heartbroken.

Four percent of the population was gone in moments after a gunman opened fire at First Baptist Church on Sunday.

"We're all a community, and it's going to be a while before we can get over it," said Lisa Cavazos, a resident of Sutherland Springs.

Through the grief and pain, we remember the victims killed in this senseless tragedy, like 62-year-old Keith Braden.

Haley Krueger was 16 years old and dreamed of being a nurse.

Peggy Lynn Warden, 56, was described as "the foundation to her family" by her sister.

Annabelle Pomeroy, the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor at First Baptist Church, also died in the shooting.

"We lost more than Belle yesterday, and one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that Belle was surrounded by her church family that she loved fiercely," said Sherri Pomeroy, Annabelle's mother.

Karen and Robert Scott Marshall moved to Texas from Pennsylvania; Sunday was their first time attending First Baptist Church.

Married 44 years, Dennis and Sara Johnson had been church members for 11 years.

Robert and Shani Corrigan were high school sweethearts, and Robert served 30 years in the Air Force.

Richard Rodriguez and his wife, Therese, were married for 11 years and very active in the church.

"He was so sweet, so kind, I love him so much. I'm going to miss him a lot," said Richard Rodriguez's sister.

Lula White, 71, was the grandmother of the shooter's wife, and volunteered frequently at the church.

Joann Ward is among the dead, as well as two of her daughters, Brooke Ward and Emily Garcia - who passed away at the hospital.

Eight members of the Holcombe family died, including Bryan and Karla Holcombe, their son Marc - who went by Danny - and his 18-month-old daughter, Noah.

Danny's brother, John, survived, but his pregnant wife, Crystal Holcombe, died along with three of her children: Emily, Gregory and Megan Hill.

Tara McNulty, 33, a close family friend of the Holcombes also died in the shooting.

"A few people can keep a church going so loving like they did, and they are truly going to be missed," said fellow church member Mary Dykeman.