TROY, N.Y. -- Democrats in the city of Troy enjoyed much success Tuesday night. City residents elected four new members, shifting the balance of power on the city council in favor of Democrats 4-3.

David Bissember was one of the winners Tuesday night. The Democrat will represent district 5. This was Bissember's second run for city council.

“I think people are ready to be moving toward getting back to progressive politics," Bissember said.

Right now, three of the incumbent Republicans are still leading, pending the final results of the absentee ballots. That includes City Council President Carmella Mantello.

Two seats were also eliminated due to changes to the city charter, which was approved by residents two years ago. Troy Mayor Patrick Madden says the new members will bring a fresh approach, especially since many of them have never been in office.

“I think it’ll be a real benefit to the city to have the dialogue that I anticipate that we’ll have,” Madden said.

If the results stay, that means a Republican will be leading the city council, which will be controlled by Democrats. Despite the different political views, many say they look forward to working across the aisle.

“We can’t be bobbleheads to the mayor," Mantello said. "So my advice to all the Democrats that won: You have to continue being the checks and balances as the legislative branch to that executive branch.”