Police have identified a third suspect in the deadly Brooklyn home invasion earlier this month.

Forty-three-year-old Howard Morris is being sought by the police.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce says he was seen carrying the lockbox stolen during the home invasion.

"He lives in the Brooklyn area, he's not at his house now of course because we've been looking for him for a couple days but we will seek him," Boyce said. "We believe he was brought into this by Suzette Troutman who actually set this entire thing up."

45 year-old Troutman is charged with second degree murder as well as assault and burglary.

Investigators say she was entrusted to take care of the elderly couple, but she allegedly used her knowledge of the home to help plan the invasion.

They say she waited outside the home in a car while the attack was taking place.

Last week 27 year-old Dwayne Blackwood was also arrested on the same charges.

Investigators say 91-year-old Waldiman Thompson and his 100 year-old wife Ethlin were tied up by two intruders in their Bedford-Stuyvesant home back on October 11th.

She managed to untie herself and call for help.

But her husband went into cardiac arrest and died.