Nearly 16 years since the September 11th attacks, thousands of first responders are battling illnesses as a result of the toxic dust.

About two-thirds have at least one health condition related to the attacks.

More than 3,000 FDNY members have been diagnosed with some type of cancer. 

Now, James Lemonda, the president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, is urging anyone who spent time at the world trade center site to get medically tested.

"There are a cross-section of all types of cancers," Lemonda said. "Most of them have been documented and attributed to the World Trade Center. There are a few cancers that medical professionals have not been able to link yet, but the research continues."

Meanwhile, 32 names have now been added to the fire department's 9/11 memorial wall. All died this year from an illness connected to the attacks.