Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali is being honored at an exhibit in the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

"Anything Muhammad Ali-related, I think is an important thing, especially for us," one museum visitor said. "I remember when he first came into prominence. He had a real big influence on me as a child, because he stood for everything he believed in."

A pair of boxing gloves, along with old photos, fight posters, and memorabilia from the 1960 Olympic Games, are among the items on display.

They are part of a larger exhibit that celebrates Muslim culture in the city and around the world.

"To have Muhammad Ali's story — an iconic Muslim American — and various aspects of his very diverse life and how he lived — it's a lot of fun to bring that to our New York families from Louisville, Kentucky," said museum official Lizzy Martin.

The items are from the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky. The center had not previously lent anything out.

The beloved athlete and activist died in June of last year at the age of 74.