The long-planned New York Wheel on Staten Island has hit a bump in the road.

Developers say construction has been delayed after they fired the wheel's designer and builder.

Last month, the project heads sued the Mammoet-Starneth building firm, citing multiple construction delays and the loss of millions of dollars.

But the builder accuses New York Wheel of failing to make the required payments on time.

The ride's bankrollers released a statement saying in part, "The developer is currently exploring all available options for completing the Wheel and hopes that  Mammoet will cooperate with it to facilitate this transition and ensure the prompt, diligent, and safe completion of The New York Wheel."

NY1 has reached out to the design firm for comment.

While developers search for a new contractor to actually build the wheel, work on the terminal building continues.

Those familiar with the project say the wheel is too far along for it not to be completed.

They say wheel officials are more determined than ever to finish construction, and the project will likely be up and running sometime in 2019. 

If completed, the wheel would be the tallest in the world at 630 feet.