President Trump's policies may cost the city and state $120 million in tourism-related tax revenue.

That's according to city officials who predict 300,000 fewer foreign tourists will visit the city this year due to Trump's rhetoric and policies.

The economic impact of the Trump presidency was the focus of a City Council hearing Thursday.

An official from the city's tourism arm, NYC and Company, said foreign tourists account for far more spending than domestic ones.

"New York has one of the largest dependencies on international travel of any city in the country — almost half the room nights sold in New York City," said Donna Keren of NYC & Company.

Meanwhile, a Republican councilman wants the city to back up its fears of fewer tourists with hard data.

"I do believe this is a bit of grandstanding," Staten Island councilman Joe Borelli said. "I don't expect much less from this City Hall.

The city expects to have data on first quarter travel in the next couple of weeks.