Hamilton's reach stretches far beyond Broadway, to one of the city's lesser known national parks.

National Park Week is on, and there's never been a better time to check out an historic site in the city that's recently seen a big boost.

Hamilton Grange was the home of Alexander Hamilton from 1802 until 1804, it's within

The neighborhood of Hamilton Heights, which takes its name from the nation's first Treasury Secretary.

Interest in the founding father skyrocketed along with the success of "Hamilton" the musical.

Historians and Broadway actors agree, the house is well worth a visit.

"You get to be immersed in history," said former 'Hamilton' cast member Jordan Fisher. "Living history. There's a staircase that we assume he navigated on a daily basis, and a foyer, and green carpet, and all of it. It's just so rich in history."

"This is national park week right now, so this weekend every national park in the country is free to go into," said Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation." Many of the parks have a fee associated with them, but if you go this week with your family, you don't have to pay a thing."

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