NEW YORK - Drivers across the city will have to dig out today because alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect for first time since last Tuesday.

The rules were suspended last Monday as the nor'easter bore down on the city.

But temperatures plummeted after the storm, freezing all the snow and slush that came down.

That left plenty of cars encased in ice.

A lot of that snow melted over the weekend.

But a number of New Yorkers are not happy that they will have to move their cars today.

Several people hit back at the city Transportation Department on its Twitter page.

Chrissy wrote, "I'd like to see them get the ice off my car in order to ticket me!" wrote one New Yorker.

"Please send over some heaters to melt the ice trapping so many cars. Much appreciated! Fools," said another New Yorker.

Temperatures will hit the 50s today and tomorrow, so that should make digging out a little easier.