Patients and healthcare workers held a "die-in" Saturday in Brooklyn to condemn President Trump's proposed healthcare plan.

Demonstrators from the activist group "Get Organized BK!" gathered by the steps of Borough Hall Saturday afternoon.

Protestors say replacing the Affordable Care Act is not just a partisan issue, but a life-or-death situation for many Americans.

"Estimates have said that if 15 to 20 million Americans lose their healthcare as is projected from the Republicans' plan, that 20 to 40,000 Americans a year will die," said Brooklyn City Councilman Brad Lander.

"My patients depend on Medicare and Medicaid and without that health insurance, they wouldn't be able to receive the care," said one health care provider. "They'd have to make a choice between food and medicine."

Vice president Mike Pence was in Kentucky touting the bill yesterday, saying it will help all Americans.

The House is set to vote on the bill in less than two weeks.