An investigation is underway after a construction worker fell to his death in Manhattan.

Officials say a 30-year-old man plunged down an elevator shaft from the third floor of a work site.

It happened at East 87th Street near Lexington Avenue just after 9 a.m. Friday.

The man was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he died.

The Department of Buildings ordered the work at the site to stop.

Labor advocates are renewing calls for more safety measures.

"I think someone needs to shed light on this and the greedy contractors need to be held accountable," said Brian Houser, organizer with All Workers Matter.

"I wish the city would be a little bit more concerned about everybody. Not just the billionaires who are putting these things up, about the construction workers, the situation in which, the climate that they work in," said another New Yorker. 

Both the construction company and subcontractor that hired the man say they're cooperating in the investigations. 

A vigil for the worker will be held at the site Tuesday.