A new superhero hails from Gotham. This one is a fierce female from Brooklyn with Puerto Rican roots. Borough reporter Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report.

The line stretched out the door as people waited in Williamsburg for an advance copy of a new comic book, La Borinqueña.

"We stood in line for quite some time and it's quite cold outside," said a fan. "We came from Jersey."

"When I found out that there was going to be an actual Puerto Rican comic book female, I said I've got to be there," said another fan.

La Borinqueña is a superhero named after Boriñquen, a name the indigenous people of the Caribbean island called Puerto Rico.

She was born in Brooklyn, but through her travels to the Caribbean island, she finds herself and her powers. 

"We will learn more about our history, our heritage and what's happening in Puerto Rico literally through the eyes of this character," said the creator of the comic book, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. "Her consciousness, her engagement in Puerto Rico and the diaspora of Puerto Rico."

Miranda-Rodriguez, who once worked for Marvel comics created La Borinqueña. He did an early release of his book at El Puente, a public high school where he once taught.

"What inspires me about what Edgard has done is really taken social issues and really connecting what it means to be a superhero is terms of really being a change maker in the world," said Frances Lucerna, the executive director of El Puente.

Stephanie Llanes brought La Borinqueña to life for the rollout. The Puerto Rico-born, Berkely Law School graduate works for the Center for Constitutional Rights. She says she was thrilled to don the costume.

"It's revolutionary in the sense that she's an Afro Puerto Rican so that in itself visualizing the struggle of our sisters in addition to what's happening on la isla," said Llanes.

From what is happening in Puerto Rico to what is happening to the community stateside, the comic packs a big punch delighting fans.

"I think it's awesome," said a young fan.

"The fact that we have a Puerto Rican woman, strong, proud, promoting our culture, it's fantastic. We love it," says another fan.

The comic book will have its official release on December 22nd.

"The 22nd of December, that's actually the 121st anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag," said Miranda-Rodriguez.

La Borinqueña will be available at laborinquena.somosarte.com.