All Aboard! It's time to take a trip through New York with stops at Yankee Stadium, the Brooklyn Bridge and of course Lady Liberty. NY1's Bree Driscoll filed the report.

"It's like a mini tour of New York City without all the walking," says an excited spectator.

More than 150 different New York attractions are miniaturized and replicated. And with the annual show being held at the New York Botanical Garden, they are all made out of plant materials.

"So the Statue of Liberty is maybe more recognizable and they seek it out and they notice her dress is made out of a palm frond and the torch is made out of a pomegranate flower," says Associate VP Karen Daubmann.

New this year are displays of The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and Coney Island rides like the Wonder Wheel and cyclone. While you could get lost in the landmarks, the real stars of the show are the trains.

"Trollies, Historical Trains, whimsical trains like ladybugs and butterflies," says Daubmann.

And don't forget Thomas.

This display takes three weeks and more than 25 people working around the clock to put together. An effort than is not lost on the spectators.

"To see what they have done, architecturally, to mimic the buildings that are in New York. It is just fantastic," says a botanical garden visitor.

"The way they use all the plant materials to make things look real even water. The little plant materials just make it because it is a botanical garden," another botanical garden spectator says.

"It's big and fun," a young boy says with a smile.

The show runs through January 16th. For more information on tickets and hours head to