Local kids get some help on the field and in the kitchen from a Mets star.

Outfielder Curtis Granderson and kids from No Kid Hungry brushed up on their baseball and healthy eating skills Wednesday.

The kids started with some hitting and fielding drills with Granderson. Then, they switched gears and learned how to make veggie wraps.

It was all a part of Citi Field's partnership with No Kid Hungry. The organization helps kids have access to healthy food all year round.

“Once the summer rolls around and we can't get in the lunchroom cafeteria, kids are going to be turning towards whatever they can to fill their stomach; some good options, some bad options,” Granderson said.

“They'll go back and talk about how Curtis taught them how to chop up a tomato today and show their friends because he's making being healthy cool for them,” said Colleen Crawford of Citi.

In addition to this program, the Mets are donating $2,000 to No Kid Hungry for every homerun the team’s players hit during the regular season. So far, they’ve hit enough to provide more than one million meals.