The NYPD and some young New Yorkers face off in a friendly competition featuring kings, queens, rooks, and pawns.

About 150 chess masters ranging from 3rd grade through high school took on about 50 police officers at Police Headquarters.

The chess tournament is a collaboration between the department and the non-profit group, Chess in Schools.

"It's just awesome," said one young player. "I played three police officers."

Question: And how many have you beaten?

"All three."

"And it's such a wonderful way for people to see each other differently," said NYPD Community Affiars Bureau Chief Joanne Jaffe. "Not just see a cop standing on the street, but now where kids can really learn about what cops do and see them in a fun light."

Students and cops played 500 matches.  

The NYPD says it hopes to make the tournament an annual event.