The sound of New Yorkers tickling the ivories will soon fill the air.

That's because the Sing for Hope pianos will be back beginning next month.

Every year, 50 colorful pianos featuring works by various artists are spread across the city for everyone to play.

And after the installation, the instruments will take on a new life in city schools come the fall.

"In a way the heart of the project this year is really our kids. There are so many kids in New York City who have literally never touched a piano and this is a moment to say okay, play these pianos in the parks, but further more these pianos will go to 50 schools after their times in the streets and they will live on for years and reach an estimated 15,000 kids," said Sing for Hope Co-founder Camille Zamora.

The pianos will be on the streets from June 9th to the 19th.

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