The Queens Library is hitting the road on a mobile bus tour for National Library Week.

The library began its trek on Monday making stops at I.S. 295 and at the NY State Veterans Home in St. Albans.

According to library officials, the bus will be making 17 stops over the next 6 days.

Residents will be able to browse through a variety of books and movies, and sign up for a library card.

This is the first time the mobile library has visited the Veterans Home in St. Albans.

It's all part of the organization's effort to make the library accessible to everyone.

"Even though we have sixty-three libraries across the borough of Queens , there's still areas we want to make sure we reach," said Dennis Walcott, the CEO of the Queens Library.

"We got a lot of things that are years old here, and we appreciate the donations, but this is something new. It's right up to date," said Veteran Ed Dealmo.

The tour will wrap up on Saturday and after that the Queens Library's mobile library unit will serve the students at August Martin High School in South Jamaica every Monday morning.