A local artist is showcasing her photography in a Civil War hospital at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Bettina WitteVeen's exhibit "When We Were Soldiers...once and young" features images of modern weapons and the injuries they inflict.

The exhibit has been open since September.

WitteVeen says the choice of location is integral to her art.

"It's very important for me that people see images of suffering and put them into context and hopefully have an empathetic response. And for that, you know, I need a space that triggers the imagination and gives them a feeling like, okay this what really happens. So it takes basically suffering away from being objective and makes it much more personal experience," WitteVeen said.

WitteVeen is the first artist who's been allowed to use the derelict building as a gallery.

Her exhibit runs through October 24.

The site will soon be converted into a media technology center by Steiner Studios.