The idea of congestion pricing is being floated again by City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez.

The head of the Council's Transportation Committee is proposing tolls on the city-owned East River bridges as a way to raise money for the MTA and for road improvements.

Under the plan, tolls would be lowered on other bridges around the city.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed a similar plan that was defeated in Albany in 2008.

But Mayor de Blasio says he doesn't think state lawmakers will be interested now.

"I've said it's something that's worth looking at but as you've heard right now in Albany there's no appetite for it. I think there's a longer conversation to be had, a bigger conversation with all the stakeholders in the metropolitan area about how we strengthen the MTA for the long term. So far some of those ideas obviously have been looked upon negatively in Albany and will be very difficult to achieve," De Blasio said.

The MTA says it will review Councilman Rodriguez's report.