Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday kicked off a public awareness campaign to make sure nail salon workers aren't being exploited.

The governor was in the city to unveil a new website and social media program promoting nail salon workers' rights.

Earlier this month, he introduced legislation and emergency regulations designed to protect those workers. It came on the heels of a New York Times report that uncovered many workers are underpaid and exposed to dangerous chemicals.

"It's nail salons today, but it happens all throughout society," Cuomo said. "We have an underground economy that regularly abuses workers who don't have rights, who may have a questionable legal status."

The public outreach campaign is the latest move by the governor's Nail Salon Industry Enforcement Task Force to improve safety at salons.

Information cards are being distributed at salons, listing questions that the governor wants you to ask before getting a manicure or a pedicure. They include: "Are workers paid at least the minimum wage and overtime?" "Is protective gear provided to workers?" and "Is there adequate ventilation?"

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