Dr. Gabrielle Francis is a holistic doctor that offers recipes that could help you fight off a cold and flu. She believes a healthy diet, supplements and herbs can go a long way towards keeping you healthy this winter. Dr. Francis says there are herbal antivirals and antibiotics you should be taking.

"Specific herbs that help to boost immune function are echinacea, astragalus, licorice and ligusticum," says Dr. Francis.

She uses ligusticum and other herbs to make a cold remedy tea.

"You should take when you're just starting to get a cold, and it has natural antivirals and it also helps to boost immune function," says Dr. Francis. "So use equal parts Golden Seal, ligusticum, elderberry, peppermint, ginger and thyme."

Dr. Francis says put them in a tea basket and let it seep for 10 minutes. She also has an immune smoothie, which is a scoop of whey protein with 12 to 16 ounces of water, berries and omega 3s.

"Whey protein is a very absorbable form of amino acid and it helps to build the antibodies that are like the army of our body," says Dr. Francis.

She also has patients go into an infrared sauna to sweat out a virus or bacteria.

"The infrared sauna helps to strengthen the immune system, and it helps to detox and get rid of heavy metals and all kinds of infections as well," says Dr. Francis.

Dr. Francis says skin brushing is not just for getting you clean, but it helps to strengthen your immune system.

"You can use a loofah and you do it either in the shower or out of the shower dry, and you lightly stroke towards the heart," says Dr. Francis. "And what it does is it helps to stimulate the circulation in the lymphatics, and the lymphatics produce all the antibodies."

Dr. Francis says another way to draw toxins and lactic acid out of your body is to soak in a warm bath with two cups of Epsom salt. It also helps achy and sore muscles.