It is flu season; did you know there are certain foods you can eat that boost your immune system? Dr. Gabrielle Francis is the author of "The Rockstar Remedy" and has been practicing holistic medicine for more than 30 years. She says it is about understanding why certain things are good for you, like fruits and vegetables.

"Fruits and vegetables because they have vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in particular the dark-skinned fruits and berries and the citrus fruits," Dr. Francis says. "And then there's high vitamin A in the orange, red and yellow vegetables."

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and yams. We often hear "eat the rainbow," but Dr. Francis says go further and add spices to your food. 

"What makes the spices taste so good, the smell, is the essential oil and the essential oil has natural antibiotic properties," Francis says.

Yogurt is another go-to.

"Organic yogurt provides probiotics which are the good bacteria that help to strengthen our immune system, and they're especially important if you've been on antibiotics," Dr. Francis says.

She says there are certain supplements you should be taking to strengthen your immune system.

"You can boost the immunity with vitamin A, 25,000 IU per day. Vitamin C, a thousand milligrams per day. Whey protein and omega threes such as cod liver oil or flax oil," Francis says.

In the next Healthy Living segment, Dr. Francis will explain how to make her Immune Smoothie and her Cold Remedy Tea, and why you consider some time in an infrared sauna.