An unusual film festival is taking flight, celebrating movies and videos shot with aerial drones. Many of the images are spectacular.NY1's Roger Clark has a preview of the third annual New York City drone film festival.

A film called 'Drone Parkour' shows some incredible athleticism by a human being.  Just as incredible — the photography using an unmanned, remote-controlled, aerial drone.

"The drone has a great way of getting angles that we haven't seen before," said Randy Scott Slavin, founder and director of the NYC Drone Film Festival. "And it just moves in beautiful ways that normal cameras can't."

And that will be on display at the third annual New York City Drone Film Festival this weekend — Saturday at NYU's Skirball Center and Sunday at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

More than 35 filmmakers from around the world will show off their work, the first and largest festival dedicated to drone films.

"This year's films are outstanding," said Slavin. "There are so many different really cool things, from the landscape category where you see a bunch of beautiful shots from Norway. There's extreme sports. We see skiing at night. Parkour. So many creative uses and great narrative stories."

There's even a Star Wars film. I asked Slevin for a tutorial on flying. And I had a little trouble controlling it at first.

It even wound up in a tree. So best advice from Randy Scott Slavin, a director and photographer who does aerial cinematography: Don't spend a ton of money on your first drone.

"You're definitely going to crash," he said. "As we saw you crash earlier. You want to get one that is like a really cheap, 20, 30, 50 dollar drone on Amazon that you can crash a million times. And then you move up to something more expensive."

If you want to see what these machines are capable of, you can check out some of the amazing drone camera work Saturday in Greenwich Village, and see drones in action up close Sunday in Jersey.

"We have a bunch of classes," Slavin said. "We have drone racing. We have a drone expo. Just a lot of fun stuff that's very Drone-centric."

To find out more about everything that's happening at the festival just head to the festival's website.