ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The five defendants in a high-profile drug arrest and shootout with police were in federal court Monday afternoon.

Jashua Figueroa, Carlos Figueroa, Leitcha Poncedeleon, Roberto Figueroa and Jose Rodriguez appeared before the judge.

They are some of the eight suspects arrested in late January following a raid at a Burbank Street home.

Police say one of the suspects opened fire as officers arrived on the scene. 

During the hearing, the prosecution spoke on wiretap evidence from the defendants, however their lawyers have asked for time to review those recordings and transcripts.

Prosecutors also labeled Carlos as the mastermind in the cocaine drug trafficking ring.

His attorney says his client denies the claim.

“You don’t like to be named the head honcho but it’s like an urban legend, who is the head honcho. This is not a corporation that has alleged to have been filed in the state of New York. These are folks that are trying to point fingers at other people to save their own lives,” said attorney Matt Parinello.

All of their detention hearings were pushed back to a later date.

The next court date will be a bail hearing for Joshua Figueroa expected on Wednesday.