The New York Songwriters Circle recently celebrated 25 years at The Bitter End with a concert. NY1’s Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

Singer/songwriter can be a solitary profession, but if you can find a community to share your passion with, well, that's something to sing about.

For 25 years, songwriters have gathered at The Bitter End to perform and connect with others at the New York Songwriters Circle, like John Oates of Hall and Oates fame.

"I was an old folky before I started with Darryl, so for me to play at the Bitter End any opportunity I get is fantastic,” says Oates.

A who's who of songwriters gathered for the circle's 25th anniversary concert.

Julie Gold wrote the Bette Midler Hit "From a Distance."

"There's a special breed of person who has this need to write a song," says Gold. "And when you pick up that pen, there's a chance you can change the world."

Songwriters Circle host Tina Shafer penned the Celine Dion hit "Love is on the Way." She's also seen many get their start here, like Norah Jones, Vanessa Carlton and Lisa Loeb.

"Norah was just one of those, not only truthful, but beautiful performers," says Shafer. “Vanessa Carlton, same thing. She had a beautiful, she was 17-and-a-half, just kind of rough around the edges, but amazing writer. And Lisa Loeb was goofy."

Jenny Bruce has written countless songs for TV and film, including "Dawson’s Creek" and "All My Children."

"Singer-songwriters are kind of a lonely bunch, and that's why what Tina Shaffer has done is so unbelievable,” says Bruce.

And it seems what makes this songwriters circle extra special is that it takes place here at the Bitter End

And you can check it out. The New York Songwriters Circle takes place monthly.