New uses for virtual reality and 3D printing solutions are among the exhibits at this year's SXSW Interactive Festival. Time Warner Cable News' Adam Balkin filed the following report.

Virtual reality is everywhere at the SXSW Interactive Festival this year but more than just the headsets, interesting new content for which to use the headsets.  The folks at is hoping to change your news coverage by allowing you to live and experience events for yourself rather than hearing about it from a journalist.  Their first crack at it, the Eric Garner protest march, allows you to turn your head to change your point of view just as you would if you were actually there.

“You don’t need to be told what to think but just experience it in virtual reality. You see the cops, how they interact with the protesters. You see how everyone is there and around you and it's all unfiltered, you hear the audio and you’re there," explains Edwin Rogers of VRVideo.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, VRVideo is also trying to lower that heart rate a bit by allowing you to, say, lie in a hammock, take a look around and feel as if you’re sitting smack in the middle of an exotic beach.

And ever wanted to give 3D printing a shot but don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a 3D printer? Well, 3D Hubs is an online service that pairs up people who have 3D printers with those who don’t.

“There’s people 3D printing from their living room and there’s your corner store where you can just walk in with your flash drive and get something printed," says Bram Dezwart of 3D Hubs. "You upload your design and then you pick a 3D printing location on our website, you can filter by proximity, ratings, material, color, so much choice."

The printers set the price while 3D Hubs gets a small cut of any business generated through its site.