Spectrum News NY1 is Charter Spectrum's 24-hour news channel in New York City. Available on Spectum cable service throughout the five boroughs – and in parts of Westchester and Hudson Valley as well as Bergen and Hudson counties in New Jersey – NY1 covers the city with more than 40 full-time reporters.

NY1 is available to New York City's Time Warner Cable subscribers on channel 1 and in the "News & Info" category on channel 200. NY1's dedicated Rail and Road channel can be seen on channel 214 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Selected NY1 material can also be seen anytime on Spectrum's Local On Demand channel, 1020.

NY1 is also available on Cablevision channel 8 in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

In the Hudson Valley NY1 is available on channel 1 and NY1 Rail and Road is available on channel 91. NY1 can be seen upstate on channel 215 on Time Warner Cable Rochester, Time Warner Cable Syracuse, Time Warner Cable Binghamton, Time Warner Cable Albany. It can also been seen on channel on 215 on Time Warner Cable North Carolina, and in Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida, on Bright House Networks channel 1210.

The news channel was launched on September 8, 1992, from its original newsroom on Manhattan's West 42nd Street. A decade later, January of 2002, the station moved to its present location in the historic Chelsea Market building.

With an integrated, all-digital production system, the facility represents one of the most advanced newsgathering operations in the world.

NY1 expanded into New York City's Latino community by launching the city's first 24-hour Spanish-language news channel, NY1 Noticias in June 2003. The channel is available in New York City on Time Warner Cable channel 95 and 831, and on Cablevision channel 194 in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

On August 18, 2010, NY1 launched NY1 Rail and Road, New York City's only 24-hour traffic and transit channel providing real-time traffic and commuter information for the metropolitan area.  The service uses aerial maps to provide continuous news of street closures, travel and mass transit delays, and parking information. Separate feeds are available for Manhattan and Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Hudson Valley, each with customized views of traffic patterns covering major bridge, tunnel, and highway routes.  The 24-hour traffic and transit channel is available to Spectrum subscribers on channel 104 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and on channel 91 in New Jersey and Hudson Valley.

Station History

The idea for NY1 was born in the spring of 1991, when Time Warner decided to establish a local cable news channel for its New York City cable system. From the start, the idea behind NY1 was to combine advanced news-delivery technologies with a reporter-driven format in which reporters write and shoot their own stories.

The channel was founded by Richard Aurelio, then the president of Time Warner's New York City Cable Group, who ultimately became NY1's first president.

Aurelio hired Paul Sagan as Vice President of News and Programming in September 1991, after which Sagan hired Steve Paulus as News Director, Harlan Neugeboren as Director of Technical Operations and Steven Georges as Director of Finance.

This team created the channel's format, equipped the news facility, and began hiring the news staff in the spring of 1992. By that time, NY1 had found a home at 460 West 42nd Street, the former home of Univisa, a Spanish language television network.

Construction of the 42nd Street facility was completed on July 15, but the channel's newly-hired reporters began work a month earlier by attending a videojournalism "boot camp" in the Time and Life building. While some of the reporters had used their own cameras in other markets, most had had no exposure to the technical side of journalism.

Following their training, the reporters and the rest of the staff took part in an additional two-month training period that included four weeks of real-time rehearsal. A watershed event came in the final weeks of training, with the collapse of a former post office building on Manhattan's West Side. Although not on the air, NY1 covered the story as if the channel was fully operational, interviewing survivors and witnesses and reporting the story more fully than competing television outlets.

Since then, NY1 has won universal acclaim for its comprehensive coverage of the five boroughs, from its unsurpassed coverage of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks and their aftermath to its extensive coverage of the 2015 visit of Pope Francis.

In 1996, NY1 expanded its reach with the launch of NY1.com, which in 2003 was named Best News Website in the region of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, by the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

The Wheel

NY1 News' primary format is the half-hour news wheel. The standard wheel begins with a NY1 Minute, followed by a brief weather forecast and the first group of news reports.

"Weather On The 1s" is repeated at the 11th minute of each wheel, and is followed by the second grouping of news reports and another weather report at the 21st minute of the wheel. The last group of reports at the bottom of the half-hour contains feature stories that comprise the "NY1 Living" rotation.

NY1's 'round-the-clock coverage is supplemented throughout the day with a slate of live news, sports and public affairs programs.

A New Home

By NY1's eighth anniversary the news channel had outgrown its 42nd Street facility, so a new home was found in the historic Chelsea Market building. Harlan Neugeboren, who by then was Time Warner Cable's Senior Director of New Technology, worked with then-NY1 Director of Operations Jeff Polikoff to design and oversee the construction of the high-tech newsroom.

Today NY1 is a fully digital operation in which reporters shoot material on cameras equipped with solid state flash memory cards, then return to the newsroom and ingest the footage into the facility's powerful video servers. The material is immediately available to the entire staff so footage can be quickly edited and programmed. Graphics and other elements are also available through the system for immediate use.

Dan Jacobson, an original NY1 employee who has held positions ranging from political producer to managing editor, is NY1's News Director.

Beyond New York City

On October 11, 2002, Time Warner Cable expanded its news channel offerings into New York State's capital region with the launch of Capital News 9 in Albany. The company subsequently launched additional sister stations in Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton and Buffalo, with hub-based service in other upstate areas.

In 2010 the upstate New York news channels, as well as Time Warner Cable's News 8 Austin in Texas, were rebranded as YNN ("Your News Now"), and all of the company's news channels were consolidated under TWC's News and Local Programming Division, including NY1, NY1 Noticias, Your News Now in upstate New York and Texas, and News 14 in the Carolinas.

In 2013 all of TWC's news channels were rebranded as "TWC News" with a new unified website at TWCNews.com – although NY1 and NY1 Noticias also retained their NY1 identities. On June 2, 2014, the company launched another news channel in Texas with the addition of TWC News San Antonio.

Following the purchase of Time Warner Cable by Charter Spectrum, NY1 and its sister stations in Texas were rebranded as Spectrum News in the fall of 2016.

Today the Spectrum News channels in New York are led by Vice President of News Bernadine Han.  Top management includes Group VP of Operations and Engineering Joe Truncale, VP of Digital Media Jeremy Bitz, VP of Technical Operations Michael Chan, VP of Engineering Gunn Isarankura, and VP of Information Technology Calvin Lam.

Your City, Your News

Since its inception in 1992, NY1 has become an indispensable community asset and is now the model for cable news channels nationwide. By combining innovative technology with a strong commitment to reporting, NY1 presents viewers with the most comprehensive New York City news, sports, weather, business and features.

For New Yorkers, NY1 is the only local news worth watching.

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