Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio Visits Shooting Site; Protests Resume Tonight

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I'll use this space tonight to turn your attention to Friday night's show. It's our New Yorker of the Year special. If you are disgusted with the sad state of affairs in our city, do yourself a favor and watch. There are good people all over this town. And they really aren't that hard to find.

We are off Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Have a safe holiday.

This morning, Mayor de Blasio and his wife placed a bouquet at the site where police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were killed. Later, de Blasio observed a moment of silence at 2:47 p.m., the time the officers were shot. Tonight, he's asked buildings and landmarks on the skyline to dim their lights for five minutes "to reflect on our common values and rededicate ourselves to moving this city forward together."

Despite Mayor de Blasio's call for a break in demonstrations about excessive police force, organizers of a protest expect about 1,000 people to attend a rally tonight. A statement from the Answer Coalition said de Blasio's request is a "misguided response to the current situation and is meant to chill the expression of free speech rights." What do you say?

Should protests against excessive police force be put on hold until after the funerals for the two officers? Do you support the demonstrators who are taking to the streets tonight? How confident are you in Mayor de Blasio's ability to lead the city through this tragedy? Should he be in attendance at the funeral of officer Rafael Ramos on Saturday?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Hey do you think for one minute any one of those officers that were killed would have step in and stop those officers who killed Eric Gardner when they heard him saying that he couldn't breath NO NOT AT ALL.. BECAUSE OF THE CODE THAT THEY HAVE


We should stay on the side Of humanity. That means we should not do things that are illegal or unkind. We don't steal, we don't case we don't do drugs, we don't choke hold people, we don't buy illegal guns, We don't abandon our children, We don't hold prejudiced based on arbitrary factors such as gender or race. InStead we should be kind, understanding, compassionate, raise my children well , be Professional at our jobs.


It's a choice of each person to march. If you want to march tonight, march. If you think you should wait until after the funerals, wait.

Both sides are making the horrendous action of one mentally ill man an example, somehow, of the current movement that Black Lives Matter. It's not.

Why is no one talking about the availability of guns? How is it that a man with such a long, documented history of mental illness was able to buy a gun?


Hi John

Only family members can tell the Mayor not to come to the deceases' funerals and not just any family members, it has to be the main family members. On the other hand, how many Black/ African American Plain Clothes police officers have been killed on shot while on duty by white officers thinking they were criminal because they saw a gun or from their look. Excuses were give in those cases as well. Do you think camera will work? Remember Rodney King had video too.


All Eric Garner had to do was NOT resist arrest & we probably wouldn't not be having this conversation. All Michael Brown had to do was not attack a cop & we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. My point? Respect the badge.


George from Brooklyn NYC: My opinion is permit the Protestors to protest as it is an important right that should not be stifled. However, the Mayor has his appointed police commissioner and his police department etc. and these are his responsibility. If a problem exists the fish stinks from the head down. Diblasio is the head in this entire matter. Protest should not permit the chaotic civil disorder, the assault on law enforcement officers and the uncontrollable take-over of bridges, streets and buildings without proper permits, supervision and control by police. The mayor has given the demonstrators the green light to disregard law and reason. The protestors should focus on the black on black crime which accounts for more than 90% of all the assaults and deaths in the African American community. Accountability needs to start at home with proper parenting of out of control kids who commit crimes in their own communities and own minority populations. May the memory of the Murdered police officers be eternal and Merry Christmas.

To Jason, we are not blaming all police officers nor are we anti police when we demand fair and decent policing in our neighborhood as taxpayers. Those in affluent neighborhoods and from all backgrounds commit crimes and they use drugs etc. but too often police turn away or treat them with just a slap on the wrist and let it go. Cops lives matter Black lives matter



None of these cops woke up in the morning saying that they would kill somebody for the fun of it. Its all people that are that should not fear the cops. Not just African Americans. Of course there is a race problem in the country. But disrupting traffic and March around the streets is only creating a safety problem. They should stop protesting because do to the respect in honoring the ons that protect our country and keep us safe. There was a white teen boy unarmed killed down in Alabama by an African American cop. Did not see that on the news. Why does the medieval bring every thing to the next level. There are so many cases that are like the for all race's.


I'm a Bronx resident just want to say that the solution is simple and they know that, basically hold those cops accountable when they abuse innocent people or shoot them to death. The police is all about ego and power; should be no different than being a bank teller, a car salesman or any occupation that attends to the public. Now that 2 officers were shot and killed more importance is given to them than when an average taxpayer gets killed by a cop especially when they are black. I believe they feel they are above God.

Fordham hills

Mayor DeBlasio's relationship with the NYPD is similar to the relationship Mayor Dinkins had at the end of his term.

It is unfortunate because I believe Mayor DeBlasio to be an intelligent man who loves our city. It is only the beginning of his term, but I believe it will be very hard for him to repair this bridge, and reunite the city. I wish him and the city the best.

I believe the demonstrators have a right to protest, but it would have be wise to halt the protests out of respect for the men who gave their lives to serve and protect.

Santo from Howard Beach

First, my heart bleeds for the family of the slain NYC police. Second, now help me out if you can, police are men/women first. They put their pants on one leg at a time, don't they, just like the rest of us, even if they are putting on police pants. Third, now I know their job is tough, let's be honest here-LIVING in the hood is tough. So if police are men/women first albeit with dangerous/tough jobs, that they decided they wanted. Why is their blood considered so much more sacred than others? Don't get this message twisted. There is no hate here. I was always told that SPILLED BLOOD IS SPILLED BLOOD!


I think the protest should be put on hold.we should let the sleeping dogs lie.But the truth about this whole problem is that, it's high time the officers that made mistakes accept their mistakes and stop putting blames on people, now they are blaming the Mayor for the death of the 2 officers,if they don't accept there mistakes this would continue to escalate the issues at hand.i had bad experience with NYPD.but with that, o know there are good ones out there.

My thought from Brooklyn

Our mayor turned his back on the police force that protects this city. People are protesting our streets because guilty men died because they resisted arrest. If so many people have been killed by police why aren't we doing things different. Why are people still fighting with cops, if the result is death. The protesters are hypocrites who follow the bandwagon. This isn't a race matter. It's a safety matter. These protests aren't even protests at this point. They're degrading officers, recording it, and posting it online. That's not a protest!


Let's spread some of the blame to those cops who were wearing "I Can Breathe" t-shirts mocking the death of Eric. Do they still think that was appropriate?


To put an end to the marchers, Governor Cuomo has to immediately appoint a special prosecutor to handle police shootings. The police have to speak up like in Florida against bad police officers and make it public that they intend to do just that. And members and leaders of the black communities have to teach social responsibility in the families.

Washington Heights, N.Y.

I absolutely disagree with the protesters tonight. They have a month already protesting and chanting "what do we want? Dead cops!" Unfortunately now they have it. Two officers died serving the community that they love, and sadly that community hates them. The protesters could've waited out of respect, and the request of the mayor. That's the one thing all of these protesters do not have, RESPECT. They don't have respect for the city, authority or themselves. You give respect, you get respect. May the officers rest in peace. I support the NYPD!


Can you imagine if the unrest and the protests of the last few weeks ... and especially the tragic assassinations of the two police officers ... had taken place during Mayor Bloomberg's administration?! De Blasio would be the fist one screaming that the Mayor can't do his job and has lost the confidence of the police and the public and should resign. And I for one wish De Blasio would resign.

Upper East Side

All people want is accountability . Any good cop wouldn't have a problem with that . Pat Lynch has never said anything to contribute to the peace or non violence ... Protestors, families of loved ones of those killed, mayor diblasio and elected officials have all called for peace. Not Pat Lynch.


Pat Lynch has blood on his hands, he put the idea of assassination out there when he started circulating a flyer about not having the Mayor attend police funerals. Lynch is a rather appropriate surname for a racist.

Kew Gardens

You said all Mona; our city must come together without the prejudice that is finally on the table no more hiding and denying the it does not exist. Keep marching for change! Mr. Garner had no loosies on him the day he was killed. The hatred towards our mayor of NY, our Atty General and our President is unbelievable: Shame , shame on you people that show this devilish thinking. Come together for all of humanity!


How many blacks have killed other blacks this year? With violence and guns, where were the protesters then? Mayor DiBlasio turned his back on the NYPD and his allowance of these protesters running amuck is the reason why people like Pat Lynch feel like he is responsible. You cannot allow protesters to call the police racists etc and not expect for anyone to feel anything but disappointment in the mayor.

Dana from Brooklyn

Everyone is attacking Pat Lynch for doing EXACTLY WHAT AL SHARPTON IS DOING!!!!

Upper East side

The mayor is a phony. He helped turning this into a race issue when it's really a criminal issue. The protesters are out of hand and need to be locked up as soon as they break any law be it big or small.

New dorp Staten Island

What the police union and the right wing media are doing demonizing bill deblazio instead of the actual killer is a disgrace, they are giving the killer a free pass and don't forget this mayor gave them a fair contract that bloomberg never did.

greenwich village.

This is an issue on "no violence", not black or white, or who has more power. End the violence and the March will end along with retaliation by angry sick people, my heart goes out to the police and families. Violence won't help either side.

Toni from Bay Terrace S.I.

With anything bad happen to a black person it's always "because they are black". Go take the the # 4 train after school. See how those black young people behave. Well not only the young black kids. Even the grown ups. It's like they are the only people in the train and you can't say anything to them. It's not the color of the skin. It's how you behave and respect other people.


The forgotten conversation. What about tougher mental health laws that mandate treatment for mentally ill individuals who fall out of treatment or refuse treatment. Assisted out patient treatment has no teeth. This man that murdered those cops do not represent the protesters...he was a very sick man. The PBA President is so divisive..I would be ashamed to have him represent me if I was a officer. The protests should continue. My condolences to the Ramos and Lui families but police indifference or in many cases brutality in communities of color has been going on for years and it needs to! The mayor does not represent only the police department....he represents all citizens.

Sheila from Harlem

The Mayor's presence at the Funeral of Detective Ramos should be up to the Family of Officer Ramos, not Mr. Lynch or the NYPD.

Upper West Side

They are peaceful and necessary to put an end to the injustice towards people of color.
The Mayor is doing a great job, he is not responsible for the mental ills of the world.
As he said we live in a democracy where we can demonstrate against any thing we disagree with. Police brutality. The police murders is deplorable. All life is valuable. These are two different issues.

Cambria heights

These two police officers were killed by a man who was determined to make a mark using Eric Garner's death. It could not be more tragic that these two innocent men were targeted. There is a bigger picture: Eric Garner should not have been approached by police even though people in the area complained about him; he violated tax laws. Let the tax enforcers go after tax offenders; keep the police out of this. I also think all cases of police related deaths should go to trial, perhaps bypassing the Grand Jury. A trial gives the people an understanding of what happened.

Upper East Side

I can not believe the hate that still live in America. Because black people are kill I guess it do not matter to the rest of america.


Mayor Di Blasio should attend the funerals. They're not the NYPD's funerals, they're the families. If the families want him there, NYPD just has to deal with it.

I'm disappointed that the protesters didn't abide by the request to hold of on protests until the officers are laid to rest. I really thought they would. I really thought they would. To protest is disrespectful and furthers the notion that the protests are anti-police instead of anti police brutality and misuse of power.

Also, Di Blasio is not to blame for racial tension in this city. This was going on way before he became mayor. Lets not have short-term memory.

Rhonda from Brooklyn

The protests should be directed at PBA President, Patrick Lynch who has never held abusive cops accountable for their actions. Nor has Mr Lynch ever met a victim of police abuse who didn't deserve it.

Robert (Brooklyn)

The Hypocritical protester keep saying "Don't blame us for the actions of one man." Then the same goes for cops. You can't blame the mistreatment or ill actions of one cop on all the cops.


Mayor DiBlasio should show NYC hes boss and fire Pat Lynch! This man is making things so hard for our mayor with his anti-mayor campaign. DiBlasio should not be beaten for trying to do what's right. Until the police begin to see that the badge is not a privilege to brutalize civilians, this will continue. Commissioner Bratton needs to open his eyes and stop being blind to the foolishness that rests in his "police depaahtment". The sad part is, he has a vision for change but is burdened by critics and rabblerousers who constantly attack him rather than assist him. Why should protests stop and lights be dimmed because two police officers were shot, but many young innocent people have been killed by cops and forgotten? Keep on protesting and pressing for change!

James Staten

The issue of protesting and the mourning of these two police officers are synonymous with one another, both speak to the issue of "our humanity". For the sake of "our humanity", we expect justice for the murderer of those two officers , likewise, the unjustified killing of an unarmed man. Both victims families suffer from the pain of loss, Both were tragic and senseless acts. We need to confront and repulse, anyone that challenges "our humanity" ; whomever they may be...


"What about tomorrow?" he says as he holds his mother's hand.
"What about tomorrow?" When I look to hold his hand.
"What about tomorrow?" When all this chaos has settled down.
"What about tomorrow?" When I look for him and he's not around.
"What about tomorrow?" How selfish you were to be.
"What about tomorrow?" Never thought how your actions would affect me.
"What about tomorrow?" A father, son, husband, uncle and friend is gone.
What about tomorrow?" Because you couldn't just let bygones be bygones.

"What about tomorrow was written by me for these children that will suffer great losses. We all need to start thinking about tomorrow because every action has a reaction, but we need to make sensible choices. What kind of future are we creating for these children.

#All Lives Matter#


Most protesters are horrified at the cop killings, and do not vilify all cops---but just want policy changes to ensure equal treatment. It's overreaction to say the protests demonize all cops. Instead it is black men who are demonized. So the Broken Windows must be applied to cop misbehavior, by holding them accountable before they go too far in undermining equal protection of the constitution.


Deblasio needs to get this mess under control before the New York erupts again and is consumed by it's own fear, anger, and misunderstanding. Pass legislation that says when an unarmed civilian, be it they are a suspect or not, who poses no imminent threat, is killed by police as a direct result of police brutality, i.e. homicide, said police will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Not given a week on desk duty. Stop this collusion between our law enforcement and judicial system. You want to make things right? Be the one to acknowledge there is a problem and offer a solution to fix it. Don't tell people not to speak in light of loss. I'm sorry for the loss. Police make the ultimate sacrifice but they are not infallible. They can be just as nasty if not worse as the 'bad apples' that are involved in crimes when protesting, harborig racism and prejudice under the guise of the law. Years and years of this. Make it right. Acknowledge the problem. Set a precedent and give a solution so that we have a modicum of confidence back in our police. Do the right thing.


I think the protests should stop and show some respect and decency for the deceased cops, our protectors. Why is it that every severe and mass killing is the result of a man. Time for men of all color to get anger management when they are kids. Never hear of women doing this. As far as De Blasio goes hopefully the next 3 years will fly by

Paula from staten island

The protesters should be arrested. How dare they. Mr mayor has been anti-cop since his campaign. Blaming the press for the division of the city? He's a pandering, inept, non leader. No, he should not attend the funerals of the Officers we lost. He should be ashamed of himself. I hope he or his cast of characters city council members never need the help of the NYPD.


The Mayor is quite capable of running this city. The Mayor fights for all people and has to be fair. He has To hold all accountable even the police.


Eric garner desevered the same respect after his death. Maybe the Vice President should have attended his funeral. Once again the media and the city is showing the disparity of the human worth between the cops and the black people who have been killed.
Everyone in the hateful and overly racist should now standup for stopping injustice and inequality.

From corona

If the actions of some officers gives people the right to call the entire force "racists" then does it mean every black people are criminals and cop killers? Before you start pointing fingers at others, make sure you're not guilty of doing the same.

Sean from Flushing

I find it hard to believe anything this mayor says now. While I don't agree with Pat Lynch's inflated rhetoric - the mayor's own words and actions (or inaction), the past 4 months especially, is to blame for where the City now finds itself --> City Hall v NYPD.

At his Press Conference yesterday, the mayor took the media to task for failing to be fair and balanced in reporting on what he says, how the protesters comport themselves, etc. - I believe he said something about "25,000 good people marched you won't talk about". Yet, there are 35,000 NYPD officers - the vast majority of them GOOD and LAWFUL officers, and I don't recall this mayor ever speaking about them -- all I and I'm sure the majority of NY'ers recall is the mayor painting the entire NYPD as an organization he had to warn his son against and allowing Al Sharpton to preside at a City Hall Press Conference calling NYPD a racist organization. Disgraceful!

If the mayor wanted to halt the protests until after the funeral, why hasn't he pulled their permits? Why aren't they being arrested if they are marching w/o permits? He's a hypocrite - says one thing (please stop the protests) and does nothing when these "protesters" ignore him. He's no leader.

This mayor is a failure - I can't wait to vote for anyone but him come next primary and election!

Sunnyside, NY

I see Al Sharptons puppet show is in full swing again. This despite this being a time of mourning for two fallen hero's. He pulls the strings and they dance for him. Showing a total lack of respect for the officers. They demand respect, yet fail to give it. It's clear that with the Puppet Master pulling the strings, deBlasio has lost control of the city and in turn...the respect of the law abiding citizens. City Council prancing around in black hoodies supporting common thugs isn't what we elected them to do. More puppets. What little sympathy people may have had for these "professional protesters", (do they even have real jobs?), is getting less and less with every passing day. I give the NYPD my full support. And I'm a man of color.

Upper East side

The March should continue as scheduled. Racism is real. The major is doing an excellent job. This problem has been going on before the major got here. All of those racists want to continue for the folks of color to die without cause. He should attend the funeral. I have total confidence on the major. The individual that kill the cops on Saturday was someone with a mental illness that was never treated. I am sorry that unfortunate deaths of the two police officers my heart goes out to them. Having said that a lot of young black, people of color are dying everyday we cannot let up.


During this time of mourning for the 2 assassinated policemen, is at minimum disrespectful and tasteless. Imagine NYC without the NYPD -- who put their lives on the line every single day. Who would want to live here without law enforcement? No one would be safe and NYC would go into another downward spiral like that seen back in the dark days of the 1960s-70s.

There are bad actors on both sides of this issue, but there should be a time for reflection and constructive criticism -- which this is not, only more heated rhetoric that is potentially destructive. The protestors may be on the cusp of losing the majority of public sympathy and support.

Gretchen UWS

It won't change a thing.


Let the cops rest in peace. Support NYPD!!


I think the protesters have every right to protest. Not even The Mayor, Pat Lynch, or the NYPD have no legal right to stop them. May I remind you of the first amendment:

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.

Bottom line: Leave them alone!

Mike from Morningside

The Mayor has given these protestors absolute free reign in how they express their views. This is how they thank him.

Signed, ISeeBothSides.

All of the violence in this country and the number of gun deaths have to be viewed through the perspective of the terrible problem in America of easy access to guns. There are of course many dimensions to the problem, but the central issue is how easy it is for ANYONE to obtain a firearm to carry out their rageful impulses. (and one has to note, that usually these people who need to carry out their violent urges are men) Despite the continuing slaughter of of American citizens (something like 30/day), including our innocent babies such as at Newtown, our elected officials remain completely impotent in the face of the NRA and the profitability and power of the gun industry. I believe it is the most devastating threat to our democracy that we now have and it is a direct result of the effect of money in government and corporations running the country.

Kew Gardens

This is gonna effect tourism in our city. And still very few will admit that many more whites are killed by cops in the USA. Admitting that, might have given all these individuals something better to do instead.

Queens NY.

Keep on marching, deblasio doesn't care about people of color.

Mr. Eddie far rockaway.

The killing of these officers is separate from why the protests are necessary. Many, many people allow their disapproval of certain styles and behaviors to turn into racial dislike & bias. You can hear that in many of your callers. There’s no doubt those people will add the cop killings to their justification. But, is that the type of person we should give a gun & badge to when ALL people are to be treated equally by them? We have the problems we see re: police depts because they do allow SOME people like that to join. If police depts remove this type of person and stop allowing them to join, we will see the problems go away. It really is that simple. If police depts don’t do that – Protests become necessary.

Far Rockaway


The best thing that could be done is to get rid of Bill DeLummox. He is a destroyer of all that is good about NYC. The quicker we can get him out of office, the better for everyone.

Port Richmond, SI

I support demonstrators tonight, the fall of two cops just an other unfortunate incident, the fall of Mr. Garner, Mr Gurley and Mr. Brown were not they were acts of criminal cops who guided by racism and shear brutality complete disregard from humanity,

Joco from Sunnyside

Hi John,

I think this has gone past the point of no return. Everyone is doing nothing else but talk, talk, talk and more talk and I believe that Governor Cuomo should step in immediately and straiten this out.

I do not want to hear about stepping on the rights of others as I myself and many others just sit and take it year after year and we few that are left in what was once this beautiful city are begging Cuomo to please do something. We New Yorkers are taught to respect the office of the politicians but I believe it has gone to far. It's not a bad thing to pass on a little bit of what we years ago called a little tinge of the old school. Maybe we can salvage this city. This DeBlasio is in way over his head. He's is not ready for prime time. Just a big bag of wind that says nothing. Both he and the city council should get their priorities straight and not just continue to run the city to their liking.

Thank you,

I say that Mr. De Blasio helped let this genie out of the bottle, and he looks like a fool for trying to persuade it to go back in willingly. He thinks he's important in all of this, but he's not -- he's unimportant enough to the people he sympathizes with that they're prepared to chew him up and spit him out; and as for the people who disagree with him -- of which I'm one -- well, he's less than meaningless. He's shown his true feelings about the police by the friends and advisers he keeps (and I don't count Commissioner Bratton among those), and the personal sympathies he espoused before this tragedy. And if he ends up getting ground up in the gears of unfolding events, well that's just too bad for him.

And of course he wants the debate to stop for now -- he was getting killed in that debate as it started to unfold even before the shootings, and looked like more than just a fool. His call for a "cease-fire" is as pathetic as a cry of "no mas! no mas!" from a boxing ring.

Upper West Side

Hi John,

Mayor Di Blasio want the marchers to wait until after the funerals but they won't wait, as long as they're doing it peacefully it's o.k, we all want Justice for the Brown and Garner family and all the other minority people that were killed by the police. I hope the Mayor can go to the funeral to show his respect for the family.

Upper West Side

Keep the protests going. There has to be consequences for Pantelao and the SI DA for use of excessive force at the least. I hope the protestors tie up NYC until Pantelao gets jailed, fired, or bankrupted and not necessarily in that order.

Park Hill

I cannot wait for the new mayor. He has been a disaster. Inexperienced, clueless. There is no way he will be re-elected.

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