Monday, September 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: NFL Commissioner Says He "Got it Wrong" on Ray Rice

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The NFL is taking the appropriate steps to address the recent incidents by hiring advisors to shape the league's domestic violence policies. The investigation is still going on so let's see how early the Ravens and the NFL found out about the second Ray Rice video.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

In his first news conference since the league was plagued with a series of domestic and child abuse cases, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “I got it wrong… but now I will get it right.” Goodell personally took responsibility for botching the handling of the Ray Rice case and said the “same mistakes can never be repeated.” The commissioner also admitted the league’s policies have fallen behind, and will work on implementing new personal conduct policies, and partner with a domestic violence hotline.

Goodell and the league have been under heavy criticism for initially handing former Baltimore Ravens’ star Ray Rice a two-game suspension for a domestic violence incident. But after the uproar and a second video emerged showing Rice punching his then-fiancée in a hotel elevator, the running back was indefinitely suspended. Since then, three other players have been deactivated, including the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson for allegedly disciplining his child with a wooden switch, the Panthers’ Greg Hardy, and the Cardinals’ Jonathan Dwyer. San Francisco’s Ray McDonald continues to play while being investigated on suspicion of domestic violence. When asked today if he considered resigning, Goodell said, “I didn’t. I’m focused on doing my job.” What do you say?

Should Roger Goodell have resigned over his handling of Ray Rice’s case and other abuse scandals? Are you satisfied with his public apology today, or do you think it’s too little, too late? What changes should the NFL implement in wake of these scandals?

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No, he should not resigned. He is being made a scapegoat for media outcry. Some level of domestic violence exists in most families. I was wupped as a child and I am better for it.


Mr. Goodell should resign ASAP, his news conference today was to little to late he's not doing his job when he let a strong man whip his child like Mr Peterson did to his son he's only 4 that's child abuse, remember what happened to Nixmary brown she was 6 years old and her parents beat her to death now they're in jail for child abusement. Mr Goodell isn't doing his job when he let Mr Hardy Mr McDonald and Mr Dwyer be violent towards their wives or girlfriends, all of these so called men should be in jail. The NFL should have anger management classes for the players that get mad easily, when young boys watch these players on TV they want to be like them and some boys might think it's alright for a man to be violent towards a woman, it;s NOT alright for a man to hit a woman treat women like queens because some are decent sweet and caring like my shorty I love u boo.

Upper West Side

In my opinion I feel that they Football and Baseball knew exactly what was going on. Not one tragic incident was an oversight. It was all about the money. That's why many older fans resented unwarranted plaques issued in monument park that are not deserved at all. If they wanted to put one up for the the team and not individually that might have softened the blow.. [MONEY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME] Us old fans stayed with our teams even though they were not winners year after year. I realize that this is off topic but it's one in the same. Goodell seemed as though he were applying for a job and his explanation is to little to late. I'm sure there were many years of hardship and physical pain that spouses and off spring had to endure unnecessarily.

Morris Park

I don't think Goodell should resign. Give him one more chance. If that doesn't work out, then Condoleezza Rich, who has expressed an interest in this position, should be hired to replace him. The players who have committed these abusive acts should be arrested, charged, prosecuted, found guilty and jailed.

Port Richmond

Roger Goodell: You got it wrong, and you need to be gone. You have zero credibility.
Given your sport's enormous financial resources and substantial security apparatus, you had to know what happened in that Atlantic City casino elevator, and could have gotten the Ray Rice incident right from the start. Instead, you chose to lie and coverup.
Your public excoriation is well deserved, and your resignation (or firing) should be imminent.


No Commissioner Godell should not resign.


The statement made by Goodell was full of garbage, the only reason he is doing anything is because the man is losing sponsors, hence he is losing money. He has tried to hide from the issue and hope that the domestic violence issue would go away, but it hasn't. I also thought he came off a bit arrogant and again his statement today didn't prove anything.


Is sorry enough? How many women suffered from domestic abuse before the video was released and how many of those did the NFL know about? I'm sure, a lot. I think this apology is just a "clean up the situation" technique. This apology will set an unhealthy precedent for the NFL. Now when wrongdoings come out the commissioners will think it's ok just to say "I'm sorry."


I'm glad that the response of the NFL is to change their policies regarding Domestic Violence. Mr Goddell shld be given a second chance to see this through. I feel other sports shld follow suit. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Is serious and prevalent in the sports industry. It needs to be addressed with zero tolerance regardless of whom the player is.


It's amazing that as a culture we are able to address tough issues about our lives. We have to look at handling the responsibility of recovering from domestic abuse and violence together. It's touchy, it's embarrassing, it's shameful, it's barbaric yet at least we are at a place where we can look at it as a real problem that has real answers as a solution.

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