Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: With School Starting Thursday, More Speed Cameras Being Installed

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Forget to move your car during Alternate Side Parking in Brooklyn? $45 fine. Speed near a school where first graders are walking? $50 fine. Does the City consider these violations almost equal?

The installation of speed-enforcement cameras is being expanded in advance of the start of the school year in two days. Mayor de Blasio touted the progress of the program in the Bronx today. 23 cameras are already in place, raising about $9 million in revenue from 183,000 violations across the five boroughs. Another 117 speed cameras are expected to be in place by next year.

Speeders caught by the cameras are mailed a $50 ticket. Department of Transportation officials say each camera costs upwards of $115,000 tax dollars. The technology is one part of Mayor de Blasio's "Vision Zero" safety initiative designed to eliminate all pedestrian deaths in ten years. Supporters welcome the effort to make school zones safer. Opponents see it as money-making gimmick. What do you say?

How frequently do you see speeding drivers near schools in your neighborhood? Have the existing cameras made a difference? Is the $50 fine high enough to serve as a deterrent? What's your reaction to each camera costing $115,000?

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Hi John,

As far as I'm concerned the politicians starting with DeBlasio have found yet another cash cow by installing these cameras. By in stalling these cameras it still doesn't stop the speeding from happening in my neighborhood along with the drivers being on their cell phones. The cameras are not a deterrent at all.

Please: These New York politicians had better stop and think that there is not to much that can go over our heads. We are with and thank goodness for this show and John Schiumo that keeps us well informed and allows us the freedom to voice our opinions.

I see speeding cars everyday of the week = believe me when I say so !!!

Thank you John,

Hi John,

The fine for speeding drivers should be $200 so the drivers would learn their lesson not to speed around schools, the price of the camera is not to high when it comes to a child's life. I think more cameras should be put up around park areas also because the weather is still warm and the kids want to play in the park after school.



This is just another senseless example of DeBlockhead's Blind Vision. I can't wait to cast my vote to remove him from office.

Port Richmond, SI

More cameras everywhere. Every time that I cross Queens Blvd, I'm putting my life at risk. Something needs to be done to get drivers to slow down.

Tom in Forest Hills

Wait a minute, if there are specific problem areas in relation to "excessive traffic violations"; that there are motorists who are endangering the safety of NYer's , why haven't the police been stationed at those locations?

Is it because it's not glamorous enough, like being vigilant regarding city landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge?

The NYPD should be questioned regarding "operations"; there is an inefficiency when it relates to overall police policy...


Will the mayor be installing cameras at all 2,000 public schools? Will parochial and private schools share in this life -saving measure? How about child care and senior centers? Aren't ped-crossing signs, speed limit signs, speed bumps, and crossing guards enough? This appears to be just another way for the city to fill its coffers.

Forest Hills

The pedestrians must get more education on simply how to cross and there are consequences such as summons, cause people just cross they don't care about green , red or yellow! They stand in the middle of the road waiting to cross. They know that motorists are licensed and in any circumstance will be liable for all the harm. That is wrong , why would driver suffer consequences and emotional discomfort because pedestrians simply don't care about their life!


Most people don't realize that large High Schools in this city are like little cities upon themselves and thousands of teenagers occupy these megga hubs all day long.....from 6:30am to 10pm 5 days a week and Saturdays, thousands of kids have early classes, late classes, sporting events, clubs......speed needs to be kept under control 18 hrs a day because at least when talking high schools, they are full of kids coming and going.

Wayne on Staten Island

I just like to say I believe the fact that there is so much traffic in the city, backed up streets where it sometimes can get backed up up to 15-20 mins just to get through a block, when you finally get a break folks are just trying to makeup lost time so they speed. Also employers put so much pressure on employees to get their work completed that they just speed. Companies including city agencies should be held liable as well. They play a big role in some of the accidents that occur. They cover themselves by saying to their employees "be safe out there", but when you don't complete your assignments they want to reprimand you. They ought to introduce a bill where companies are held responsible for forcing employees to complete work when sometimes its just impossible which results in accidents

Resident Rob
From University/BX

If the city can't afford to paint/maintain the bike lanes, then the city shouldn't have or add more bike lanes. Wear and tear is not an excuse, that should have been thought about band tested before bringing out all these lanes.

What the DOT did to traffic under Mayor Bloomberg and the addition of the bike lanes has made the city much more dangerous. In some places there used to be 4-5 lanes now there are 2, so pedestrians don't wait for the crossing light.

Why can't the city using in market police cars, have a blitz on speeders by driving around the city and pulling over those that really drive fast and cut in and out. These are the dangerous drivers.


Red light, traffic signs, speed limits. These are only meant for the city to bring in money. No one wants to address the real issue: It used to be that only dad could afford a car so traffic was normal. But now it costs less than 100 dollars per month to lease a car so the roads are no more than parking lots. Everybody and his brother has a car. People have to wait for a light to turn green three times before they can go so patience is gone. And nothing can be done about it because car companies have the politicians in their back pocket.

Michael, SI

Hey, the pedestrian is at fault!!! The worse phenomenon (used as a noun) that I occasionally see is the baby stroller -pusher who will push the stroller in the street, while they stand on the side walk and peep for oncoming traffic. Why not leave the stroller on the side walk, the parent or care taker can then look out; and then proceeded crossing the street with the pedestrian whom they are in care of. In this case the child in a stroller.

Tami the Broker Brooklyn!!!!!!

I have nothing against speed cameras but lowering the speed limit 25 miles an hour is going to achieve very little because the drivers who were speeding when it was 30 mph are going to continue to speed. I tried to going 25 miles an hour up Northern Boulevard the other day and the driver behind me was keeping dangerously close to my rear end.


People in cars sometimes use their vehicles to intimidate pedestrians. And Let's not forget that cab drivers frighten many if their passengers and pedestrians when they do things like accelerate from 0-60 for a distance of about one block.

Kendrick UES

We have terrible speeding here in East Elmhurst and Corona. On two different instances students have been killed on Northern Blvd. I live near a school and we need speed bumps here. We have traffic from trucks that don't use Astoria Blvd as the legal truck route but use 31st Avenue as a short cut. Cameras would be a good deterrent for them. We have motorcycle speeders, people crossing the street while texting and mother with strollers standing on the sidewalk while their strollers are actually off of the curb. I, myself was hit by a van one block from a school where there was a crossing guard.

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