Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio Touts Safety Improvements In Public Housing

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It may be premature to judge the progress of Mayor de Blasio's NYCHA plan, positively or negatively. With just two months in, it's too early to expect all the police and cameras in place etc. It may be just a matter of giving it more time.

Mayor de Blasio visited the Lincoln Houses in East Harlem today to highlight measures taken to improve safety at public housing developments. Today's event touted the pace of removing miles of unnecessary scaffolding that "poses a threat to safety and security" at NYCHA properties across the city. Police report shootings are up sharply in public housing this year compared to 2013.

Despite the positive billing at today's event, some residents expressed their frustrations about NYCHA security directly to Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. The residents said removing scaffolding is not enough. They want more police officers and are eagerly waiting for 214 surveillance cameras to be installed by the end of next year.

If you live in, near, or work at a public housing development, have you noticed a change in safety measures this year? Do you welcome the removal of scaffolding? Are the improvements Mayor de Blasio proposed earlier this year making a difference? What changes would you make to improve security at NYCHA?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

And what good will more police officers do without the stop, question, and frisk policy at work? This is all window-dressing for the mayor's re-election campaign, which he realized he had to start very early if he were to have a prayer.

Upper West Side

More Police need to be on foot patrol in all NYCHA developments, they should get to know everyone that live there and they should have a good attitude with all the residents of the NYCHA houses, all of the NYPD need to respect the citizens of NYCHA and NYC not harass them for no reason. I'll be moving into a NYCHA apartment pretty soon when section 8 opens again i would welcome more lighting and cameras in every building and they should get rid of the scaffolding that's not being used it'll make people feel safer.

Upper West Side

In public housing we need strict enforcement of law and no toleration of bad tenants. Removing scaffolding would help and camera's would also help.

However, we must remove the bad element from the situation and remove the influence of fast money coming from crime and drugs.


Once again I do not believe any poll numbers at all from anywhere. Why dismantle the scaffolding? Isn't that put there so that they can do repair work which was more than an excessive amount. What happened to all of the hoopla about the repairs when all of the politicians were campaigning and showed us that they will spend a night in some of the apartments and sleep over. They did the whole nine yards just to show how effective they would be if elected. [THEY VOWED TO GET THE JOB DONE BY DOING SO].
Of course the residents feel the need to do more than to just dismantle the scaffolding. They would also like to have police presence there and as for the cameras why is it that they have the money to install them and so why I ask is it that they will not be installed until the end of next year?
Every project ends up on the back burner!!!

Morris Park

Should the possession of illegal guns be permitted because to many blacks and Hispanics get arrested. Let the city council speaker chime in. I hope this guy ends up being a one term mayor.

Park Hill

Why do citizens who don't live in NYCHA projects have to pay for them/\? I think occupants shoult pay the total bill.

Port Richmond

How about hiring doormen/doorwomen at buildings? Good union jobs that will make greater difference than cameras. Start with the night shift.


Yes. Scafolding needed to be removed and its a shame that folks had to live so long with these eyesores. What I don't understand is WHY has this issue along with other security issues not been brought to the forefront by community leaders prior to this time? Can one of them answer that question?


I dont think blasio deserves to be heckled.he is doing his best to rectify 12 years of neglect by the Bloomberg administration.

Far Rockaway

NYCHA wants more cameras, and more police. Sounds like the same recipe that suspended & fired, a whole lot of descent Correction Officers, which is the reason why the crooks are completely running the city's entire jail system. I just thank god NYPD has a far sronger union than DOC.

The Bronx

Lobby attendants are easily corrupted and are also scared.....she's wrong ....there are huge apartment complexes similar too projects filled with section 8 tenants .....they are equally violent and dangerous as nycha developments.....turn all of the developments into condos....put half at market rate....leave the other half with existing tenants and there maintenance will be what they currently pay in rent plus they will now own .....the market rate condos will pay a ton of maintenance fees allowing for funds to hire paid detail police officers as td bank or Barnes and Noble does.
Build new buildings in parking lots for the displaced tenants and do it again 50 / 50........u would also make alot of poor rich in the future if they sold there apartments at market rate.....


"0 Tolerance" for bad behavior. The fight over scaffolding, cameras etc should continue until resolve. Public housing should be given the same safety measures as other communities.
Even when those problems are solved, the bad behaviors of some will continue. Cameras only help fight bad behavior.
But, why is there bad behavior? It is our sons and daughters that commit them. We as a community HAVE To provide the solution. Cameras or police presence won't ever cure the bad behaviors of our sons & daughters. The community MUST take care of that from within.
Far Rockaway

I feel that the NYPD presence is not the issue. We need to hold the administration at NYCHA responsible for their lack of management and order.
Bringing a sense of involvement in their part is likely to exhibit dedication and want to make a difference for its tenants.

No amount of adding police, security cameras, electronic key locks, and security cards, are the solution to ridding NYCHA developments of crime. The solution and not many, including those in the media, want to address it, is evicting problem tenants and their disruptive family members and refusing to take in the homeless, namely, those who are/were formerly homeless by choice, their life-style habits. When NYCHA, city officials and the media addresses this is as the primary source of problems in NYCHA developments and make a concerted effort to remedy this situation, then will crime in the NYCHA, will begin to drop. Until that happens, you can be sure that crime will continue to get worse. It will take a concerted effort by law abiding NYCHA residents, along with the media and city officials to come together to get the job done. I doesn't help, when there are also tenants, who are part of the problem, by harboring criminals and all sorts of ilk!
East Williamsburg



Judging from callers this evening, it seems to me that folks at NYCHA need to be replaced with professionals who know how to and who to go to in order to solve problems.

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