Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Michael Brown Laid to Rest; Thousands March in Honor of Eric Garner

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I did not expect any violent disruptions to occur at Saturday's march and rally, but it was a pleasant surprise that there were absolutely no arrests made. As many have said, the march for Eric Garner was not a march against police, but with police. I hope that the deaths of Garner and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri will not fade, but that justice for both men will be sought as grand juries take up both cases.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

A funeral is held for the unarmed black 18-year-old who was shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this month. Thousands joined Michael Brown’s family for the service, including three White House aides sent by President Obama. Several religious and community leaders offered their condolences before Reverend Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy. Brown’s death on August 9th initiated a wave of violent protests in the St. Louis suburb. A grand jury is deciding whether the officer who show Brown will face criminal charges, while the Justice Department is conducting its own investigation.

Brown’s funeral comes two days after thousands marched through the streets of Staten Island on Saturday to honor Eric Garner. The 43-year-old died last month after being placed in a chokehold during an attempted police arrest for selling loose cigarettes. Protestors called for changes to police tactics used by the NYPD and for those responsible in Garner’s death to be held accountable. Despite the closing of some stores along the route in anticipation of violence and disruptions, the police department reported that no arrests were made.

Meanwhile, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan said yesterday more resources have been allocated to the Garner case than any other during his tenure. A grand jury will convene next month to begin hearing testimony regarding the circumstances surrounding his death. Garner’s family and community advocates continue to call on federal prosecutors to get involved. What do you say?

If you attended Saturday’s march, how do you think it went overall? If you are a resident or business owner on Staten Island, how were you affected? Do you think the rally will bring change to police-community relations? What changes to policing do you want to see nationwide after the deaths of Garner and Brown?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

The feds should get involved in the case of Mr. Garner's death because officer 99 put him in a chokehold and he knew that was illegal and when Mr. Garner said he couldn't breathe the EMT's that were standing around him did nothing to help the left him on the sidewalk to die. I wanted to go to the rally on Saturday but something came up i did pray for his family and the brown family at home, i did watch clips of the rally on T.V. everything seem to be peaceful, i hope the rally do make police-community relations better in the minority communities espically with young kids, i saw a incident on TV, a cop pulled over a mother driving with her young kids and he was pointing a gun at the kids and the mother but he had the wrong color car i know those kids were traumatized espically if they hear about everything that's going on with white racist cops

Upper West Side

Training will never solve the problem with SOME cops. Certain biases reside in a person’s heart. Those biases cannot be on a police force. A police officer will not treat all citizens the same if he/she harbors racial bias, gender bias, etc. Implementing Lie Detector Tests to the police application process will get to the heart of this critical issue. Communities will have confidence in a police dept that is sincere about keeping such biases out of its ranks. The benefits will be a win/win for both sides.

Far Rockaway

I believe that they could have held back on the march to Staten Island until all the evidence pertaining to the case is complete. Then the Grand Jury gets their case and then take it from there. Just a note about the business' closing for preventive purposes but just think of when they looted in St. Louis the amount of money in damages that occurred. I could go along with that reasoning.

It seems as though some people want to take the case away from Donovan but he is an elected official. Meanwhile the states attorney and someone from John Jay had the first word last week and both were asked the same question as to why they can't take over the case and the states atty told Sharpton and the family as did the gentleman from John Jay told us also that they can monitor it but one can't just chose whomever they would like.

Morris Park

I did not attend, however as all could see via television it went very well, although the media had tried to hype the potential of violence. Nationally, there has got to be a change in community police relations as too many black males are being targeted and shot down by cops.

Springfield Gardens

Why hasn't a grand jury already been convened in the Garner case? Why is it taking so long? What "resources" are being allocated to the case? What else needs to be investigated? The Feds are involved in the Brown case, why aren't they involved here? It seems that the squeaky wheel does get the oil. violence and riots get Federal attention while the Garner case drags on. It's not right or fair. both cases stem from the same problems - racism and excessive police force. They should be treated equally. I feel angry and frustrated that the process isn't moving more quickly in the Garner case.


We need more accountability for black on black crime....When we stop crime against ourselves we will negate opportunities for The NYPD to have any chance to commit these atrocities against us in any form.


I think it is very sad police hide behind the blue wall they call a badge. And the people that are speaking up for that cop should be ashamed of themselves because if he would of shot one of their unarmed kids they wouldn't be speaking up for that police officer... He needs to lose his job his pension and go to jail.


While we don't know the details in the Michael Brown Case, we absolutely know the facts in Eric Garner's case. I pray the Dept. of Justice steps in and takes the case from Donovan; I have no faith in Donovan's desire to get a conviction in Mr. Garner's case.

Midtown East

To the caller Dawn from Astoria: If he DID rob the store, does that mean an unarmed child should be shot down like an crazy animal? A mother just buried her child, she will never hear him say " Mom I love you. Or see him walk down the aisle to get married. Dawn from Astoria please get your facts straight....


Cops has been getting away with killing our blacks men for years.. And getting away with it..


Michael Brown did not steal the cigars. The complete video shows him paying for the cigars. The video was was shown out of context and not in it's entirety. The store owner never called the police. The store owner actually wondered why the police wanted the surveillance video. The little "scuffle" on the video is Michael's disagreement about the store not having the product brand he wanted. The store owner actually came forward with this information but the media won't broadcast that information.


This entire matter of the police and their indifference to Black life has been noted, historically.
If America really wanted to hold police officer's accountable, it could do so with all of the evidence, past and present. It hasn't because it doesn't affect certain communities ,which explains the apathy and lack of social reasoning when it relates to strict oversight...


I'm sorry but the other caller was just wrong... Michael Ferguson was not accused of robbing a convenience store it was supposed to have been a pack of cigars... and it does not justify him being gunned down 6 times. It's not about that it's is about the blatant disrespect of human life.


I'm not drinking the Kool-aid. Garner is one thing, but Brown was a two bit hoodlum thug. Seeing thousands pay tribute to a man that minutes earlier was man handling a store owner. To the early caller...if he didn't pay for the cigars, he STOLE them, Seeing and hearing people of colour and some Caucasians as well and the media putting this low life on some sort of pedestal is an embarrassment. What a disgrace.

Upper East Side

I think alot of people are sighting cases which should not be considered police brutality. Diallo, Bell were tragic ACCIDENTS,,, if a dr has a non intentional accident does he go to jail ? . Brutality is not a mistake. Amadou Diallo suffered the worst police brutality and that cop DID go to JAIL. I believe Eric Garner died tragically and it was also an accident which would have been avoided if Eric Garner did not resist. Trayvon Martin was not killed by a sworn Police officer - Everyone should stop him as an example. Brown, well he may have attacked the cop thinking the cop was coming for him for the store incident, something we unfortunately will never know


I said previously l had no concern about the rally in Staten Is. Having any violence occurring because of the planning and the people organizing and those that were planning to March. There have been no incidences of violence of late at any of Rev. Sharptons rallies. The people should call for a boycott of those businesses that closed in Staten Is. Since they feel we are such animals that we can't rally and express our concerns for the life our children that are being targeted. I agree with the caller Mary to look at the difference of the handling of the person illegally up on the bridge. What do u think would have happened to someone of a darker complexion?


I don't understand how Americans don't understand the innate distrust the black AMERICANS have for our judicial system. It was only in 2008 that two judges were prosecuted for incarcerating youths to long undeserved prison sentences. The inequality is evident.

Although, I don't beleive all of our police officers are racist toward any particular racial or religious group. It is and has been evident that the judicial system is inheritably racist towards certain minority groups. This cultural of racial in justice needs to be changed for Americans to progress as a community.


Those people who are complaining about we are not speaking out about crime on ourselves by us we do! Don't we have the James Davis organization in Brooklyn and State Senator Perkins in Manhattan has lead rallies to stop violence on his district in Harlem.


Let me dispel that myth that it's mostly blacks that are killed by the police, namely white police officers. Well it isn't and it isn't the police who are the killers of blacks. Blacks are the majority of those who kill blacks and that's a fact! But since we're on the subject. I, too, lost a loved one, to police brutality/violence! Tomorrow, August 26, 2014, is twenty-eight years that one of my brothers, was brutally beaten and shot dead, by two white police officers in the streets of South Jamaica, in Southeast, Queens. I was a resident of the Baisley Park/South Jamaica community when it happened. He was with a black male companion and his race played a role, as this community is a predominantly black community. These officers, brutally beat and shot my brother and spared his companion. We, (my family), never got justice! And it is said by those who cry out police brutality that there's a blue wall-of-silence, but fail to see that there's also a black wall-of-silence! There were witnesses, including my brother's companion, but none wanted to testify in the event of a court case against the police who beat my and killed my brother and so our case, was never heard!

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