Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Thousands Expect to Rally for Eric Garner Tomorrow

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The City seems to be well prepared for tomorrow's march. I hope it is peaceful and productive - there's really no reason it shouldn't be. People assemble all the time for all sorts of reasons, and this march is no different. Your thoughts are posted after the jump.

As thousands of people prepare to descend on Staten Island tomorrow for a rally in honor of Eric Garner, plans are being put in place by police, transit agencies, businesses, and residents. Sources say 1,000 police officers will be on hand, but not necessarily in sight. Cops will be in the background or in plainclothes as they keep an eye. The National Action Network, which is organizing the march, says 500 Community Affairs Officers, drawn from church, union, and community leaders, will instead be posted along the march route to keep it moving and safe.

The preparations come as some businesses along the route in the North Shore prepare to shut down because of safety concerns. The borough’s Chamber of Commerce has advised businesses to do so because there is no guarantee it will be peaceful. Meanwhile, the MTA and Staten Island Railway are adding service in anticipation of crowds. Some 40 buses will be bringing in demonstrators across the Verrazano Bridge for a church service. They will then march from Victory Boulevard and Bay Street, the location where Garner died after an attempted police arrest, to the 120th police precinct for a rally. What do you say?

Will you be marching in tomorrow’s event? How do you plan to get there? Do you have any concerns about safety or crime? With a grand jury expected to hear the case over Garner’s death next month, do you still think there is a need for a march? If you are a business or resident affected by the rally, what are your plans tomorrow?

Reply with your thoughts using the link above.

Servant leadership demands that one put others before themselves, not to do so leads to a betrayal of duty, while acting in the more appropriate way is the essence of greatness. Teachers and police are both servant leaders. They are honorable careers which by definition inspires its members to be great. Yet, we can all be great, yes we can - "because we all can serve."


I wanted to be there tomorrow but i have to stay around my house until late and by the time i get there everything will be over, i hope the Grand Jury make the right decision in Mr. Garner's case because justice needs to be served officer 99 and the EMT workers that left him to die when he said he couldn't breathe should be put in jail for life. I hope all the marchers keep calm heads tomorrow and don't do anything stupid.We should all pray for the Garner and Brown family lets keep them in our prayers, RACISM NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!

Upper West Side

I shall not attend the march though every bone in my body say I should but from Queens it is more complicated, I think it will be peacefull and expressive, in front of the most sued police precinct in S.I. the 120th, there taxepayers shelled out multimillons dollars in settlement because of their bad behaivour , their punishment was promotion, what an injustice I hope those cops stay home especially their picture were published.


I'm all in favor of the rally though I will not be attending. It's clear to me that the cops and the EMT personnel who are responsible for Mr. Garner's death should be punished with a double life sentence going to the cop who choked him to death. They all should be in Rikers awaiting trial. If that's what people are marching for, I'm for the march.

Port Richmond

This all cannot end well. Are any of these marchers being scanned or ID'd before they embark on this march? The cost must be phenomenal to say the least. I understand that it is a cause but what happens if all hell breaks lose?

I really don't understand why this Mayor doesn't show up at this march. I thought he was suppose to be in charge? I guess I was misinformed=how foolish me to even think so !!!

Morris Park

Due to health conditions I can't march, but I wholly support the marchers and will be there in spirit. It's interesting that due to the riots in Ferguson U.S. Attorney Holder showed up and a grand jury has already been convened, but there has been no federal presence in NY due to Garner's death, and a grand jury hasn't been convened yet. It seems like the squeaky wheel does get the oil, and violence gets results. It's sad, because the unnecessary and tragic deaths of both unarmed men should be treated the same. The Feds should be here too and the process of obtaining justice should be moving forward much more quickly.


I cannot express my disbelief of what is happening. No bus service to the ferry, businesses forced to shut down, and a racist informer allowed to do this . You are not only the laughing shock of America , but the major cause of all the problems .

Park Hill

Moral New Yorkers of all races who want to see an end to police brutality of African Americans & other people of color should march and pledge to peacefully fight the scourge of racial injustice in this nation that has escalated since the election of our first black president! The media seems to be hyping up the possibility of violence which has never and will never happen @ a march organized by Rev. Sharpton!

Springfield Gardens

There's no need to march. There are already too many whites that hate blacks cause of all the marching. We got the weakest police force in the world already. If you can't act civilized with them, then train some cub scouts for duty.


History shows that rally's and protests hardly ever stay civil- even if the intent is to remain so. They can say all they want that the march isn't anti police but I think that's a complete lie. I don't understand the point- the case is going to the grand jury, the people responsible for aiding in his death are being dealt with, and now businesses are going to close and lose money over fear of what this march is going to result in. Everyone, including Sharpton needs to stop making every issue a color issue. Life is about more than who's black or white!


In 1999 Al Sharpton led a march over the Brooklyn Bridge against the unjust killing of Amandou Diallo.
I was a participant. Back in 1999, Al Sharpton addressed the crowd before the march began.
He set the tone that the march would be peaceful and that no violence would be tolerated.
I predict this march will be peaceful.

Jackson Heights

When has anyone ever heard of a protest being planned and discussed with the very people that are responsible for the policy that is being protested?

This is a "staged" protest co- directed by Deblasio and Bratton.Sharpton is the leading man. Whoever heard of such a thing. Those who know better see this clearly...


Regardless of how people feel about the March, everyone has the right to their opinion and to free speech. That is what makes America America


I will not be attending the rally. There should be a full investigation and charges if warranted. The same people marching, where is the outrage and protests when Kareem is killing Jabbar on a daily basis without an outcry when this is the biggest issue.

Clinton Hill

The March is not about Mr. Sharpton or Mayor Deblasio...It is about getting justice for Eric Garner who was strangled in broad daylight by a NYPD officer. Arrest the officer involved.

Midtown East

They didn't beat you maybe because you are not Black... Think; if a bad officer wanted to beat a black man, would they beat you? Also, if a bad cop felt no one would find out, would he try to get away with the opportunity to beat a black man if he chose to? Dennis seem to ignore this possibility


As a UFT member, the march tomorrow represents our support of the police officers who do their best on a daily basis, but don't support the actions of the few in the Eric Garner case. Every victim of police brutality in NYC was once one of our students. We have always stood up for what our students need.


The protest tomorrow is about how Eric Garner died and that such things should not happen to any human being.. It is not about the NYPD. People throughout history have staged public protests because these types of tragedies must be publicized and remembered so that something can be done about preventing them in the future.
I am a NYC public school teacher. As teachers and union members, just as we teach our students about respecting the law and the officers who face the daunting task of upholding the lawand we teach our students to be contributing members in their communities, when something as awful as the Eric Garner tragedy occurs, the actions of the officers involved take center stage. We have to take part in such rallies so that our students know that it is right to stand up for what they believe in and that a few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch.

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