Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Black Police Officers Speak Out Against Union Rhetoric

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If the rallies yesterday in the City and the ones in Ferguson show, we have a long way to go in race relations. Whether you disagree with what happened with Eric Garner or not, you can't disagree that tensions are coming to a head and need to be addressed. The community and police need to rebuilt trust, and while that takes time, it's better late than never.

Several members of black and Hispanic police organizations want an apology. At a news conference today, they called on leaders from the police and sergeants' unions to apologize for "inflammatory remarks" and for publicly concluding that officer Daniel Pantaleo "didn't use an unauthorized tactic" when attempting to arrest Eric Garner on Staten Island.

The police union isn't backing down. In a statement this afternoon, PBA President Pat Lynch said, "We are not apologetic for the vehement defense of our members and our strong opposition to the rush to judgment in the tragic death of Mr. Garner.” Lynch previously dismissed the Medical Examiner's report as "political" after if found a banned chokehold contributed to Garner's death.

Have New Yorkers rushed to judgment in forming their opinions on the death of Eric Garner? What role is race playing when reaching conclusions about what happened on Staten Island? Are "inflammatory remarks" dividing the police force and making it more difficult for officers to do their jobs?

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There is no race involved other then the race of those involved. I do not believe the cop went after the man simply because he was black. I feel the size of him and perhaps he put up resistance caused the cop to act although I do not agree with what he did nor do I believe it happened because of race.

Arden heights

I thought that there was a rush to judgement from the beginning of both cases they being in New York and Missouri.
It has become the same story repeatedly with outsiders like Sharpton and people like him that just add fuel to the fire.
Law enforcement is infighting profusely with the union boss and amongst themselves.
It seems as though now with all the infighting both sides are not able to do their jobs.
They must get together [quickly] and come up with a solution immediately. This just cannot keep going on the way it is.
Once again we need jobs no matter where we live if we can even call it living now at all.

Morris Park

The Police and Sergeants unions are racist, everyone saw on the videotape that officer Pantaleo used a "unauthorized tatic" when using the chokehold on Mr. Garner. It's not a rush to judgement when a "unauthorized tatic is used and the person ends up dieing, Mr Garner said he COULD'NT BREATHE the EMT's that were standing around did nothing to help him they left him on the sidwalk to die they all should be arrested and put in jail for MURDER!!!!! I want to talk about the case in St. Louis, Mr Brown didn't even have a weapon but the white racist cop just shot him for no reason, white cops are racist espically in Harlem i told my home attendant to take out her phone cam if anything bad happen she can videotape it and send it to "THE CALL" RACISM HAVE TO STOP THIS IS 2014

Upper West Side

Patrick Lynch is blind to what the cops do and nothing they do is ever wrong. How many times has he defended the victim of police brutality? I don't know, but I'm certain it’s a very small number.

Port Richmond

I agree with the several members of black and hispanic police organisations apology needed, something has to be done about the hateful monosyllabic Pat Lynch, he should kneel in front of the Garner’ family and ask for forgiveness, if needed force him to kneel, it is long overdue to get rid of him


We want am apology from the black and Latino associations for making this a racial issue.

Park Hill

Can you imagine what would happen if six or seven black cops put a white woman in a choke hold for resisting arrest for selling loose cigarettes? What would Pat Lynch be saying then??? ("The situation is under investigation. We have no further comment at this time"). And what medical or forensic training does Pat Lynch have to dare to challenge the NYC Medical Examiner? What nerve!!


It is about time I hear the 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement of America weigh in on this issue! And I agree with them in regards of their issues with Pat Lynch. I said it before, Lynch is in denial! What was that we saw on that video, a love tap? It was a choke hold! Plan and simple! Our citizens (black and white) are afraid of the police now! Open your eyes and wake up, Lynch! You little trained minion killed that man!

Morningside Heights

We are not rushing to judgement; the video speaks for itself. Ed Mullins also made a big mistake telling his sergeants to supervise every arrest; he never mentioned that two of his sergeants were on the scene and did nothing. As for Lynch, his sense of reality is warped. We all watched
the video.

Midtown East

We taxpaying NYer's have paid out over $150 million dollars in settlements involving the NYPD, does anyone know what else that money can be used for?

Does the NYPD understand that they are a tax funded agency that they work for citizens of NYC? Deblasio had better start reminding Bratton of that fact.

He should really be outraged at the culture of misconduct from the NYPD, it's becoming an economic burden and social embarrassment...


Most videos I see are always police jumping whites. In fact old news reels always appear that way too.


I so glad Black policeman are speaking out. I am white and I do not think the white community in NYC can really ever appreciate what racism is and what it means to live with it on a daily basis. I think If I had a black son I would be very very worried for him. Racism combined with violent aggression is what we saw in the video of Garner's murder. I hope all of us speaking out will make a difference!

Upper West Side

Regardless of anyone's opinion. The police committed no crime. Chokeholds are not "illegal" in any way shape or form. They are just against department policy. Just as if you work in say Burger King and the rule is no employees are aloud to smoke in front of the store. It's a rule not a law. If Mr Garner would have not resisted arrest he would still be alive today. Resisting arrest may be met with necessary force to arrest the perpetrator. There was no excessive force. Nobody kicked or puncher Garner. Once he was in cuffs the use of force was over.

Staten Island

Pat Lynch was very insensitive to me when he said that this was an unfortunate accident. An unfortunate incident is someone bumping into you and spilling coffee on you. He is equating this mans death to something ofvthat sort. Its just very incentive to me.


Those Black officers speaking out know what they speak of! Blacks officers do not go to Pat Lynch for help, they go to the Guardians Association.

Red Hook

Examining Patrick Lynch's past of Always defending white officers in every case even when they have killed fellow black officers, the only conclusion is that race is the bottom line for this police union. When Officer Dunton killed a black fellow officer Omar Edwards, Patrick Lynch defended White officer Dunton even after it was found from the coroner's report that Omar Edwards was shot in the back. Officer Dunton lied when he said he shot him after he turned and faced him with a gun. Where is Patrick lynch's outrage and representation when it concerns black officers.


This is a racial issue especially when the only ones being buried are minorities.
The police departments should train officers in relationships. It is hard for officers that have never really lived in the neighborhood they police to identify with the people in those neighborhoods. We have a lot of black on black issues however when you are laW ENFORCEMENT, YOU ARE HELD TO A HIRE STANDARD.

I am so sick of people saying race isn't part of the issue. WE ALL WATCHED THE TAPE. So basically all minorities must walk a straight line or else you could be killed.... civil rights or not. What is this world coming too. do we hear ourselves?


Thank you for clarifying the POV of the callers that are tired of the unfair practices of the police regarding white vs black youth. Blacks and whites use drugs at the same percentage rates yet black not the white community is always under a magnifying glass therefore they skew the problem to be more of a black issue. You never can factor race out of a situation in America..people are unaware of how much race plays a factor on our psyche i.e. the doll test of toddlers

It seems to me that quite a few people commenting tonight are speaking from keen sensitivity to the situation, the incompleteness of what is known so far, and the shortcomings of the group of which they are a part, rather than being overwhelmingly accusatory of the "other".

It's the right frame of mind to be in for there to be growth and change.

Bay Ridge

Lynch is no different willie lynch !!! And he must b put n his place and every officer that was involved should b held accountable for his death. Also, just last week police n Brownsville put a choke hold on a pregnant women. NYPD is GOIN DOWN very soon!!! They think just because they wear a uniform.

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