Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Washington Lawmakers Call For Federal Investigation Of NYPD

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I wonder if the clashes in Ferguson, Missouri could happen here? Why haven't they already? Will tempers flare if the Staten Island District Attorney finds no wrongdoing by police? Or do New Yorkers know torching a building doesn't lead to reform?

Six members of New York's Congressional delegation are calling for a federal investigation into the death of Eric Garner and the NYPD's policing strategies. At a news conference today, the Democrats said black and Latino communities are disproportionately affected by the "Broken Windows" policing tactic of going after small crimes to help prevent bigger ones.

Meantime, New Yorkers will join in a national moment of silence tonight to remember 18-year-old Michael Brown, a police shooting victim in Missouri. The unarmed teenager's death has sparked violent clashes with police this week. Today, President Obama called for calm and said, "There is never an excuse for violence against police. There's also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests."

Should federal investigators take over the Eric Garner case from the Staten Island District Attorney? Do you agree with the members of Congress who say the NYPD is only focusing on low-level crimes in black and Latino neighborhoods? What's your reaction to the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri?

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The media, particularly TV "news" is the ultimate instigator. They incubate a caution/fear among the masses against Black males with disproportionate coverage of Black urban crime, then they replay the horrible incident over and over of the man being killed in SI by the police officer.

If I didn't live in Harlem, and I believed everything I saw on TV, I'd be scared of Black people too. Truth is all urban areas have their share of crime and drug abuse, regardless of race. Poverty breeds desperation. TV and music maintain a smear campaign and people buy it. They have created an enemy in Blacks that is larger than life.

Can we get all of this straightened out before my son is old enough to go out by himself?

-Hope from Harlem

It seems to me that it's not uniform cops they are easily identify, Unlike thes socall undercover who drives around with their badges inside their T shirts and be judge jury and excursion era why no one is seeing this is beon me


It is incredible, it is soooo obvious that the police have been racial profiling blacks and latinos from the beginning of the NYPDs existence. YES!!! I want a Federal Investigation. Enough is enough, that caller had it wrong 99% of police officer are not law abiding citizen, they are the biggest criminals. I have seen it with my own eyes, I have witness police officers under oath in court lying.


Hello! Bottom line, we all must realize that racism is very much alive, and well. But, of course it doesn’t apply to everyone, but we still have people living in past time, as well as being brought up to feel this way about African Americans. In which, they hide behind authority. To touch on black on black crime; when crimes are committed by blacks they are arrested and serve time for whatever crime was committed. If, a black cop murder a white kid, guarantee the public would have known his identity, immediately! LET’S BE HONEST!!!! Makes you think what cops are being told to do from their superiors when they hit the streets. Community policing is what these cities need.


1. It is the duty of the citizen to submit peaceably to arrest and obey lawful orders from authorities. Martin Luther King said so. Gandhi said so. Jesus said so. Semi-literate gasbags currently in the national eye even say so, in passing.

2. I am a senior citizen and in my lifetime I have seen the point above ignored by segments of the public that I would have thought impossible in my youth. Does anyone really think that slapping away the hands of police is going to keep you from being taken down? The upscale Occupy hipsters were taken down and not gently when they resisted.

3. The NYPD is the most restrained police force in the U.S. and has been for years. Nationwide, there is no rampant, fatal, brutalizing by police. What there is, however is a rampant increase in inflammatory rhetoric, POV video and cyber "journalism." Broken windows enforcement happens where there are broken windows.

4. In the old days, unarmed youths never got shot because somehow a gun always seemed to appear at the scene. The fact that "throwdown" has disappeared from the jargon is testimony to the point made above. Urbane sophisticates spouting support for the "uprising" are cowards or they would be there, not here, pontificating.

Vic from Queens

Of course racism exists and it always will. The truth is that you have white racists, black racist, Latino, Asian and so on. What can change is the obvious incompetence of today's police officers. When 4 cops can't take down one man without killing him, that's incompetence...think back to the Dialo case 4 cops missed 22 shots out of 41 at close range, again incompetence...a NYPD officer shooting himself, again incompetence.


What difference does it makes if you tell police you can't breath while being on a choke hold or you struggling to breath.they aware your on a choke hold so obviously they're cutting off your air. Those are military tactics they are using on civilians they have to be aware everyone is not in combat especially if they are telling the officers that they are not resiting arrest.


If all people had respect for the badge the country would be a better place to live for ALL people.


What about protesting "black on black" crime. Killing your own kith and kin is much worse than any police can do to us!


Dear John,

As a white New Yorker, I am ashamed of the callers who deny that black people are not treated differently by the police. And this goes for police of all racial backgrounds, including African-American police, because the police are police first and people of their own racial background second. Their loyalty whether it is in NYC or in Missouri, is to their fellow police officers, NOT to the public they have sworn to serve. Whites like myself have so much trouble recognizing that , because we are not targetted the way Black people are daily, all across the nation. We should join our black broithers and sisters to demand justice, not deny the reality they experience !!!

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Mr. Garner did not wake up that morning and say I'm going to get into a discussion with cops who are harassing me and then I'll get choked to death.

midtown east

I believe the NYPD is Not to blame for what has happen, they are doing their job and it just happens to be that the african americans are causing the problems. If it was a white man that was killed by a black cop it would have never reached a argument on tv, nor bring the federal government into it.


Racism will never be an abnormality In this country as long as jusice is unbalanced. The police is meant to.subdue and control minorities and give whites a sense of protection.and entitlement

Far Rockaway

First, let me begin by saying R.I.P. to Eric Garner and Michael Moore and all other brothers and sisters who have been murdered unjustly and harassed by the police. Anyone who says that black people have not been discriminated by the police in a disproportionate number in comparison to other groups of people must be living in a bubble. I think that there should be video cameras somewhere around while the police are performing their duties in order to ensure that their duties are being performed in a n appropriate manner. It is my observation that the police are not a s aggressive when they need to be. Let's not forget about when those individuals who switched the flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge while the police watched the lights flicker and did not investigate why. So therefore, what I am saying is when it is time to take more aggressive action against individuals committing real crimes they don't. Poor Mr. Garner has to be murdered for nothing though.

of Brooklyn


I find this appalling. To hear most of your callers tonight it sounds like 1960 in Alabama. The media cant wait to whip up racial discord. But the fact is most crime is black on black and not committed by whites on blacks. Most of your callers need to be educated.

West side

I want to know how the City & States want these young people to fight in war, but don’t respect them in our own country!

Crystal-Red Hook

The police definitely need more training, and I am not sure why no helped revive mr Garner but he defiantly appeared to be resisting arrest.


How ignorant Harry from Queens sounded on the call. He clearly has missed the fact that the black youth are targeted and too many are in the morgue. Diallo, Sean Bell, P.Dorismond? Trayvon Eric Garner etc. Perhaps Harry should should do a little more research before he opens his mouth in public. Harry your racism is showing!!!!!!


We can't have an us versus them mentality, when it comes to we civilians and the police. The majority of men and women who join the force and become a cop, are not seeking to randomly kill people. However, those who feel that a badge makes them judge, jury and prosecutor, need to stand down and make a career change.

Michael in Woodside

The extremely disturbing images of the death of Eric Gardner are overwhelming to watch.Training and transparency are imperative in the Police Department. Embellished narrative intended to distract what is evidently police abuse will not change the imprint and impact of this tragedy.


Re: Harry, Forest Hills. Wake up! Stop falling for the NYPD's manipulated statistics. Your inability to see the truth is astounding! How dare you dismiss the domestic terrorism that is going on in our country as nonsense. Not all police officers are bullies but too many are. Outrageous!

Jackson Heights

Have community leaders accompany police on all calls. If it's a non violent offense like selling loosies, don't arrest anyone. Await community leaders on all calls. Let them communicate about the problem. When u try to arrest someone who resists, there is a struggle. If the person has a bad heart etc., it could lead to death. Garner was a nice man. The newspaper store complained to the cops about garner. Now he is dead.

Bruce from ues, nyc

The Mayor needs to appoint a new Police Commissioner, NOW! While this might only be a symbolic change, it is a needed change. Commissioner Branton, and the NYPD culture he represents, is outdated and out of control. As long as police are not held accountable for their brutality, we will be talking about this again and again. The first step is to change this commissioner. Police need to learn new tactics and techniques to stop criminals and prevent crime. Shooting an unarmed person to death is totally unacceptable in a democratic society.


This situation is sad , but please please Sharpton is a negative force to the community and De Blasio is lost.


Innocent until proven guilty, other words to chant besides I can't breathe. While I do not agree with the amount of force used in the Eric Garner arrest HOWEVER I saw him push the cops hands away, I saw him tower over the officers, I saw the officer have to jump up in order to get Mr. Garner down, my sympathy is with his family but Al Sharpton cannot ignore the parts of the video that he wants to ignore and highlight the pieces he wants to highlight. I do not risk my life when I go to work, but if I did, I would do whatever I felt needed to be done for my own personal safty and I do not blame the officers for trying to protect themself and I fear for the officers and the entire city of NY if people like Al Sharpton have their way and make the police criminals.

Dana from Brooklyn

Make the entire police force minorities. This way Al Sharptown will have nothing to say.


I miss the light blue shirts the NYPD used to wear, and the silly blue pants with the stripe down the side. Compare that to the tactical uniform they wear today, and you get a very different image of policing, both to the public and the police themselves.


Its not a new pattern! Bottomline Police as a majority with not police themselves correctly. They cover each other like gangs do! The job is dangerous but what they signed up to do that job! There should not be two sets of laws and we should not have to be afraid of people we pay to help and protect us!


Whenever there is ANY type of civil rights violations, the DOJ should investigate. If that officer is guilty, then he needs to serve question about that. But, how often does the DOJ get involved when police kill a white person? It's the DOUBLE STANDARDS of law enforcement concerning civil rights that should ALSO NEED to be addressed.

Flushing, NY

No I don't think they need to get involved and if your out commuting crimes no matter what race you know the risk and if you want to protest it do it in court not in the street and use some common sense

pat from Staten Island

Deblasio and Sharpton for that matter endorsed Bratton knowing what he would do so they are as complicit as he is. Neither of the two have yet to condemn the policy of Broken Windows Sharpton keeps crying "justice" which in essence means monetary settlement, Deblasio continues to praise the NYPD . Both equally laughable....


Hi John;

Homicide. Chokehold. Clean toxicology report. Mr. Eric Garner deserves a Department of Justice investigation and prosecution of the officers involved (particularly PO Pantaleo who should have been locked up already),

midtown east

Mayor Blasio is definitely out of his league. Send him back to the minor league or give him a plane ticket back to Italy!

Kenny from Greenwich Village

Common sense would dictate that you would engage the residents in the community by also encouraging young men in said community, to become a part of law enforcement. Many would probably accept that offer especially with the high unemployment rate for Black/Latino men.

Yet the City continues to send into these communities some cops who have no cultural competency, handling the residents with contempt and indifference....


Acting "under color of law" to deprive someone of a civil or Constitutional right is a Federal crime under Section 242 of Title 18 of the United States Code, so the U.S. Justice Department has the jurisdiction, if not an obligation, to investigate the Garner case, as well as similar cases, to see if Federal crimes have been committed and if there may be a pattern of such civil rights violations in the NYPD's current policing practices. The Fox has been guarding the chickens for too long.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

A total racist view. Police are targeting areas where the majority of crimes occur. The Hispanic an d black communities should educate their children. Maybe then the violence and crime will decrease.

Park Hill

In my opinion the police brutality here in NY and in this country is a huge problem. Specifically here in New York..with the recent Justice Department report in which correction officers assaulted inmates causing injury. The issue here is that Law enforcement here have an arrogant, and egotistical bravado. Why is no one talking about the corrections officers report recently release by the Justice department.



No amount of sensitivity training will erase hatred that is inbred by families who raised their children to hate. Racism in this country has always been a problem and will never cease. Trayvon Martin, the young woman Reshida in Detroit, Michael Brown and Eric Garner are all examples of 21st century slavery.

Jamaica, NY

Hi John,

The FBI should take over Mr Garner's case from the Staten Island DA because the FBI would make a fair ruling on the case and see that it was a homicide, #99 put him in a chokehold which is illegal and when he said he couldn't breathe the EMT's did nothing to save him from dieing they and number 99 should get jail time. I agree with the members of congress the NYPD only focus on African American and Latinos that do low level crimes when they should be going after people that commit hideous crimes. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Brown family that Police officer should be suspended and put in jail Mr Brown didn't even have a gun, all African American and Latinos and Latinas should join the honorable Rev Al Sharpton and "GET ON THE BUS" for justice for Mr Baez, Mr Garner, Mr Brown, Mr Diallo, Mr Bell and all the other people that were killed because of the color of their skin, this is 2014 RACISM HAVE TO STOP!!!!!!


There's always a cry when it's a Black or Latino person involved in anything criminal. I know many many Blacks and Latinos and they are highly respected people. The fact that there is more crime committed by different groups is a sign of the times and it needs to be dealt with. The NYPD is doing a great job 99% of the time. There's bad in every occupation and profession and in every ethnic group. Each case is individual and all are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Arden heights.

Hi John,

I can't believe this Rangel and a new gang of six are asking for the AG Holder to conduct a federal investigation in this case. In general most if not close to all politicians have yet to do their own jobs much less interfere with someone elses'. Surely their function as servants to us American citizens are laxed in many ways and I can't believe the corruption of these selfish politicians that have done nothing but create a lifetime job for themselves. Most politician's manage to elude jail time or get a slap on the wrist and end up getting all of their pensions. So my belief is how can Rangel be the spokesman for this so called delegation when he above all people has many skeletons in his closet. He's home free.

He has a lot of nerve to reprimand others and also call us names. My reaction to the Ferguson incident in Missouri is that it is once again being incited by Al Sharpton. The broken windows should remain in place by Bratton. I believe it works.

Thank you John,


I support all actions to round up and lock up these rogue cops.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

After tragedy of Mr. Garner , and now the unarmed Mr. Brown in Ferguson, Mo, the militerised police brutality should be the number 1 topic, minorities brutally killed while Obama partying with Clintons in chic effluent and white Martha’ Winyard, how appropiate for the “people” president, the riot is direct result of action taken by the racist authorities.

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