Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Eric Garner's Family Meets With U.S. Attorney

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I think this case is just one example of many why cities urgently need to address police-community relations. So many black and Hispanic youth inherently distrust cops, and vice versa, and the relationship is damaged before an encounter even begins. Nearby in Jersey City, New Jersey there are kids that are targeting cops and murdering them because they think they are the enemy. We have to stop the bleeding. Eric Garner's words before the arrest were so hauntingly telling when he said, "I'm tired of this." This isn't lip service; we need to bring back community policing so the cop on the street is a friendly face that you know will serve and protect you, not attack you.

More than a week after the death of Eric Garner, his family meets with federal investigators in Brooklyn. At a meeting with the U.S. Attorney, relatives pressed for federal civil rights charges to be brought against the officers and EMS workers involved in Garner’s death. A cell phone video shows Officer Daniel Pantaleo putting the 43-year-old in what appears to be a chokehold while trying to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island. Chokeholds are banned by the NYPD.

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department has also been in touch with Eric Garner’s family, and is “closely monitoring” the City’s investigation. The case is being investigated by the Staten Island District Attorney’s office, along with the NYPD’s own Internal Affairs department. Two of the officers have already been placed on modified duty, while four EMTs have been suspended without pay.

Would you like to see federal charges brought against Officer Pantaleo and the others involved in Eric Garner’s death? Or do you think this should be dealt with internally by the NYPD? What’s your reaction that the Justice Department is following the investigation? More than a week later, what impact has this case had on the City?

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the cops and medics that was involved should be fired and
charged with straight-up murder. medics obviously made no attempt to access Eric. bunch of cops ganged up on an uncombative, unarmed man. what does that say for them!!!!! No one
on the scene did there jobs.
Prayers go out to Eric Garner family, friends and community.

New Jersey

What would dramatically reduce these incidents and the incredible defense of these incidents , would be to assign comparable (young, aggressive, tattooed, egotistical, confrontational and inexperienced) black uniformed and undercover police officers to work predominantly Caucasian areas. Not for any nefarious reasons, but for ALL the citizens to grasp the concept of being a part these "Occupational Hazards.


Take a pole and see how many young black men ranging from age 12 to 60 that has been violated and abused by SINYPD the numbers would be astonishing. Then take a pole to see how many white men have been violated/ abused. Numbers don't lie!!! Civil right charges should be brought against these officer and they should dig deeper to see how many more incidents there are on Staten Island.


This was pure racism, raising it’s ugly head again, and reminding us that white cops have no respect for the black man. It seems like cops panic and don’t think when faced with a confrontation. Therefore cops should be subject to more psychological and sociological test before patrolling our streets. These cops should be prosecuted. Would like to hear anonymous opinions from Black Police officers.


Racism is alive and well especially in Staten Island.


Federal charges should be brought against Officer Pantaleo and all of the others involved in Mr. Garner's death, i'm glad the Justice department is following the investigation. I hope Officer Pantaleo and the EMT workers get jail time because they violated Mr. Garner's civil rights when he said he couldn't breathe they should of given him the medical attention he needed. I hope all my minority brothers and sisters carry their cellphones and when you see white cops violating a minority person civil rights videotape it this is 2014 RACISM GOTTA STOP!!!!

Upper West Side

Whatever the source of authority, city or Fed, it is clear that the cops and the EMTs should already have been arrested, charged with murder or accomplice to murder and locked up in a cell at Rikers while awaiting trial.

Because cops and EMTs are hired to protect life, they should be sentenced to twice the years of punishment, minimum.

Port Richmond

The EMT didn't kill him so why were they suspended when the cop(s) responsible for his death are still being paid. An unarmed man was choked 2 death & I'm hopeful now that the Justice Department is following the investigation. They all should be brought up on federal charges.

Springfield Gardens

The FBI should get involved.the cops should be fired & go to jail.if there was no video the nypd would sweep this under the rug 1000 percent!

Staten Island

The videotape is all the proof. A pattern of self destructive behavior by the nypd that is clearly racially motivated. Civil rights charges should
Be forthcoming to show that african american lives should no be minimized


Eric Garner would not be dead today if it weren't for the police. Plain and simple. He'd still be living and breathing today. Enough is enough. We can't go to police for help anymore, their criminals themselves. Were scared of the " Protect and Serve officers".

The Feds should watch the Eric Garner death. It wasn't exactly the James Garner death. My 2 cents.


I understand what might have possibly gone through the minds of those officers, and the EMT's, when they were on the scene, and can't say that these actions were 100 percent intended to inflict harm or kill this man, however, it did. In every profession people make bad decisions, and we all deal with the penalty of those decisions. Why should the police be any different?

Midtown East

I literally get sick to my stomach every time I see that video of Mr Garner being murdered by those despicable "police officers." Hitler would've been proud of them!

East Village

The officers should be treated the same way they treated Mr. Garner, same for the EMS workers. This is outrageous. I usually keep my opinion to myself, but this time I could not remain silent. We have too many bad apples in the Police Department, some should not be officers, a lot of officers need anger management therapy. Bad cops are getting away with murder! We can no longer stay silent. Enough is enough!. A murder has been committed, a the Garner family deserve JUSTICE!


The Rev Al has gotten so thin, you'd have to fill him up with hot air to make him relevant again.

Richmond Hill

Do you believe there are racial bias officer?
NYPD should eradicate this kind of people from its force; They diminish the power of the police dept.


Yes! Yes! & YES! Enough is Enough! Too many over zealous NYPD officers abusing their authority! Time for Action!

East Harlem

Look at the pictures of this incident from the papers. Even after the chokehold, both while standing and on the floor, Office Pantaleo was pushing this poor man's head into the ground while he was probably already unconscious..

The NYPD has already paid out money in lawsuits for this officer's conduct in previous incidents. He does not belong out of the police force, he belongs out of society---JAIL.

But it is not really a racial thing, it is a blue thing. The police think they are elite and better than average civilians. Go to any neighborhood at night and see all the private vehicles owned by police officers, parked illegally at fire hydrants, bus stops, and crosswalks. NY1 would do a service to the city by asking people to send in license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions of these cars and compiling a list. (Too dangerous to look at the dashboard and get the parking pass number----that would probably result in a choke hold from one of these elite morons.


I am praying Federal charges are brought up against the officers involved in the murder of Mr. Garner. The NYPD an organization that is suppose to protect and serve watched as Mr. Garner's life slipped away and they need to be held accountable. It is time for Commissioner Bratton to clean house.

Fort Green

Kenny. White people do see what is going on. Sadly, racism is alive and well in NYC 2014. But please bear in mind that there a a few white people who do not see color.

All the officers involved should be fired from the job; the chokehold cop must go to jail. And a Federal trial is the way to achieve these goals.

And let's not blame the thousands of great cops in the NNYPD

Midtown East

First of all I like to say that I think it's disgusting that we the people have to feel like we have to have a debate or we have to feel like we have to argue our points when we demand something from our government. Remember how democracy works and what we the people actually means. It's clear that there is an overwhelming majority in the city that finds the NYPD to have a lot of corruption a lot of oversight and a lot of slipping through the cracks of officers who should not be policing the communities or schools. Racism is defiantly present and it's almost becoming a unsaid rule to discriminate against minority youth I'm for he south originally where we went through a civil war and Jim Crow and as a young black man I had never experienced what I thought was racism until I came to New York City. This is up to us to stop and I reminding New Yorkers of all colors me backgrounds to remember ....we the people we don't need Ihavedebate we want justice so we get It


It was a very sad situation! I could barely watch the video! They approached him like a pack of wolves! Then the police stood around like the lynch mob watching their handy work! There will be justice for Eric Garner! The police are outta control. I as a African American women do not feel safe around them! They don't protect and serve. It's more like hunt and kill!


The police can not and should not investigate themselves.... Your not gonna get a true look or out come From the D.A office or internal affairs.. And the CCRB.. Is a toothless tiger .. It's a shame


You know it's a shame that someone of color has to die in order to get the police to reform or change there action against minorities..have you ever seen of or heard of black cops shooting a white prep .. But yet black are always In The line of's not about the police training like Bratton said.. It's an attitude that police have that there above the law.and they get away with infractions all the time Because the police brass do not address it ..
Especially when the person is one of color...


I work for NYPD I am a civilian in the Dept. for 25 years. There are good police and bad police. It appears this officer was ignorant waving at the camera. He was wrong. that does not necessarily make him a racist. Here's the thing they interviewed Mr. Garner earlier in the day, they had no reason to arrest him.. His chagrin was that they approached him a second time why? Sometimes officers want overtime or they want an arrest to fill a quota they need to get. This particular cop wasn;t thinking and doing the smartest thing. Why does this fatal accident always happen to African American's and Latinos does anyone have an answer that is not racist?


I think this is horrible.It seems there was a person who had to prove their manhood and authority. Of course it's going to cause all kinds of racial stuff. I have had an encounter in my life with some nasty ass cops and i was young and still white.It should have nothing to do with color.This man white black purple could not breathe and said so. If this was a gang which they were just cops what do you think the out come would be. Not good.


To the callers that say this officer made a mistake, I'm asking was it a mistake. After Mr. Garner was being put on the gurney you see the officer that administered the deadly and illegal chokehold smiling and waving into the video. So if this was your loved one would you still believe it was a mistake? Also officers with this mentality don't need retraining. They should not be police officers and should face criminal charges!


While I share the same concern and outrage that many in the African American voice in regards to the Eric Garner case, I am also mindful of the reality of an atmosphere of heightened homophobia within this racial demographic. No group has a monopoly on the innate desire to be regarded with dignity and respect.


This Nypd tactic to Eric Carner is Racist.His Civil and Constitutional Rights were violated Fourth,Fifth and Sixth Amendments. This is a pattern of Stop and Frisk Racsit Profiling and Murder.

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