Friday, December 19, 2014

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Rally to End Deportations

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We had all lines ringing all night with many different opinions. All eyes are now on President Obama and Congress now to come up with a comprehensive immigration policy.

With the Statue of Liberty as their background, several activists and elected officials gathered today to call for swift and comprehensive immigration reform. The group demanded President Obama make good on his remarks to take executive action to end deportations. It comes after the Republican-led House of Representatives decided to not move forward with an immigration bill. The country deported a record-high of 409,849 immigrants in 2012.

The rally comes as the City enacts its own reforms to deal with deportations. The budget includes $10.3 million to expand services for immigrants, including providing legal assistance for those facing deportation proceedings. The City also last week approved a municipal identification card program for New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. Mayor de Blasio hailed both the efforts today, saying they are “…about treating those who happen to be undocumented as our neighbors, as part of our city, as people who matter, as human beings. And I think in an ever more global context, this is the right way for a city to handle it.” Do you agree?

Do you support spending taxpayer money to provide legal services for those facing deportation? How do you think the City has done in dealing with immigration issues? Do you want to see Congress and President Obama take action to address the record number of deportations? What solutions do you have to address this growing crisis?

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Bay Terrace

Madness I say - what is going on here ? Not only are illegals getting terrific treatment, free services at our tax payer expense - but now they will stay here at further our expense ? Just what money is supposed to fund this with millions of tax payers out of jobs ? We are still in a seriously deep recession/depression. This is unjust to the remaining employed citizens who are brunting all expenses. Who is helping the tax payer ? Who is helping the US with anything ? People can't afford to eat or hold on to their homes, how about helping with foreclosures ? We are sliding down at a very rapid rate.


How many times do we the American citizens have to tell these politicians that we cannot continue to bear the brunt of supporting all of these illegal aliens. Enough is enough already. They need to stop calling us names of every kind in creation just because we have expressed our valid opinion on this matter. The politicians have been so selfish telling their side of this very important matter because they just want votes in anyway they can get them.
Anyone that has a job thinks differently than someone that has been out of work for some time which starts out as a day, then weeks, months and years and that's the difference and plus these illegals have broken the law and it seems as though they just get a slap on the wrist and all the amenities available just because. THEY JUST NEED TO DO THE MATH =
AS FOR THE JOB THE POLITICIANS ARE DOING IS JUST AN AWFUL ONE AND OUR WELL HAS RUN DRY !! Someone created this present kayos purposely behind closed doors in a sadistic manor and they should be held responsible. All of these illegals have come here with disease, lice in their hair and lice crawling down their faces and this alone has to have been okayed by a sick minded person. What did they intend to accomplish with this feat.

Morris Park

I do not support spending taxpayer money to support the commission of a crime, namely illegal immigration. The speaker of the city council is a racist and the people that used the statue of liberty as a backdrop are pitiful. The present socialist regime will not be getting my vote next fine around .

Park Hill

Anyone who wants to live in the USofA should be required to file for citizenhip. You must file to become an American citizen. If you don't do that, then you should be deported back to your country of birth.

Port Richmond

This is utterly ridiculous! This country is over burdened by the citizens and their needs as it it. When will this country realize we are not superheros? Why are we rewarding people for doing wrong? Millions enter this country legally so why reward those who are not by treating them like they belong. Go home and come back doing it right. Our children are struggling to get funds for education, no jobs, no affordable housing, yet we are becoming the world's social services center and dumping site. I'm sorry, my family and community should not have to go without decent schools, clean streets just so that a criminal (all illegals are like it or not) we as a country need to take care of home first and stop worrying about the rest of the world. They aren't worried about us unless they can get some free benefit. Shame on the mayor, congress, & the president.


The president is spending money on immigration. What about unemployed Americans. My. 26 years old son, an American lost his job 3 years ago and is unable to find work. Secure funding to extend unemployment benefits. Or put people to work.


People who advocate for open borders should pay higher taxes to pay for the extra services.


Legal citizens follow the law. We should expect the same standards for illegals. No matter how often you say undocumented it's still Illegal. First lesson we should teach a prospectiveCitizen is that if you break the law your punishment is swift. Let's invest our tax dollars on improving the quality of life of us citizens not wannabes who already broken the law. Laws need to be enforced and law breakers NOT REWARDED. That said get the illegals to follow a path to citizenship like everyone else. No matter how long it takes. Do it the old fashion way! legally.


Listen I went for a job at the border patrol, they pay 90,000 a year to keep this COuntry tight, I make 20,000 keeping New Jersey tight, I don't need there backlog!!!! GET THESE PEOPLE OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its not right to say the president should override the republicans with an executive vote. They represent nearly half of the it fair to ignore the opinions of half the nation? Is this not a democracy any more? Its understandable people want to make a living....but we have a system and it needs to be followed as all other immigrants in the past have. The nations these kids came from are not violent cesspools...and if they are, its their govt's responsibility to fix it...maybe we should threaten them w sanctions as we do every other country. By the way, Mexico has one of the strictest immigration laws in the world.....They are nice people....but we need to have rule and order. Our country is filled to the max at this point and this is nothing but trouble down the road.


I AGRE 10,000% With Irving this AMESTY BS is ALL A PLOT of the INEPT PREZ & Hi DDUMBOCRAP LB BUDDIES!! Let them File the Paperwork like MAMY MILLIONS before them did!! This cant go from Melting POT to CESSPOOL!! That's what will happen a ONCE GREAT COUNTRY!! Being Trampled by this PREZ!! UGGHH WORST EVER!! BI BLASIO ISA FOOL!! The COUNTRY CANt CURRENTLY SUPPORT VETS & the 330 Million Peeps here already!! WAKE UP FOOLS!


Illegal immigrants sneaking through the borders should not be naturalized as many could be terrorists , sick, mentally disturbed or criminals and they should be kept away!


I totally disagree with the Mayor’s way of dealing with the immigration issues in NYC. In NYC, we are already over populated. New Yorkers can not find employment, housing nor parking and to add additional immigrants to the city is absurd. I think it is completely ridiculous for the Mayor to advise adding more immigrants to the city. New Yorkers are struggling with housing, crime, gun violence, employment, and homelessness so why add more people to a suffering city.

Red Hook

I agree some what with Charles, my daughter has down syndrome and was denied ssi because I have a job. Does my job make her downs go away. I was born here and have been working since I was 10. This isn't right. Immigrants come here and can get it.


big part of the problem is the US destroying foreign economies, especially with NAFTA effects on Honduras e Guatemala. The greatness of the US is made in part by exploiting other countries. Yes, let them stay, stop spending money with fabricated wars, and subsidizing the oil companies.


Many people say that the illegal immigrants are freeloaders who take advantages of the benefit this country offers and that we taxpayers should not be paying for them. My question to these people: would you more likely to pay for the hospital bill for an obese person who constantly goes to the hospital because of his irresponsible drug use and cigarette habits, or an illegal young female immigrant who needs to give birth to her first baby? If we are to condemn illegal immigrants for being freeloaders, let's condemn ourselves first.


We need self deportation. The burden that illegal immigration causes citizens is compounded in NYC due to the safe haven policies our politicians have created. Our schools are overcrowded, hospitals are overwhelmed, social services are being abused and wages are kept unrealistically low due to their willingness to work for unfair wages often in poor conditions. Rent's are also inflated because they share apartments between multiple adults / families. Most of them have their hand in the pot with no intention of contributing; they learn and teach each other how to take advantage of American policy. NBC released an investigative report where they discovered millions of illegal aliens claiming defendants who lived abroad to the tune of $14,000.00 refund per tax return costing tax payers billions in fraudulent tax refunds.


It is not fair for so many people to just illegally force their way into this country.. America is a great country, many people of all races and cultures want to be in the America. Who is supporting this incredible amount of illegal immigrants. How can this be? We dont even know who these people are?.Close the borders. People have been coming legally for many years.
There are many problems with illegal immigrants. One big problem is breaking our labor laws. Workers in America have fought to get decent wages, illegal immigrants work for less. Many jobs only hire illegal immigrants. People say they only have jobs no one else wants, this is not true. I ask you who did the jobs before illegal immigrants came, we americans did them thats who.

Staten Island

I am an immigrant. naturalized US citizen. My parents brought us here legally. I don't like when callers think that they are all americans. Many of these 3rd,4th, 5th generations should understand that their grreat, grand parents were not Americans. They took the country from the Originals Citizens.


It's Congress, not the President who determines immigration law. Also, there should be no sanctuary cities or states. NYC cards that DeBlasio created should not be permitted by the city council or by Governor Cuomo. Indeed, ANY governor or mayor who permits their states and cities to be sanctuary should be arrested for violating federal immigration laws.


No Amnesty!! People from countries where large numbers of illegal aliens come from should be ashamed of themselves and their country. They should focus on working to fix their country instead of whining about how bad they have it and begging, lying stealing and cheating to get ahead by taking advantage of American citizens. Democrats want them to stay because they know their offspring will grow to vote democrat.


I think that WE DONT HAVE 2 do anything for them!! They came here at their. their using their children 2 get our sympathy. We cant illegally break into their country & free govt assistance and neither should they!. They should deport EVERY single last one of them at the borders, in the system, and the ones that have been hiding in this country for 50 yrs!!!


All callers make it sounds so easy to just get rid off the illegal immigrants and send them back home. But as an immigrant myself (now a US citizen) I know that there many who need to be given a chance; a chance to get educated, a chance to get a job, a chance to feed the family, a chance to simply get it right. Do all immigrants strive to make it right? No! But do all Americans? Absolutely not! Lets give them a chance. Reagan did in the 80s!


I tried calling but, In response to some point of view regarding illegal immigrants, I say that people should look at history and that this country was built by immigrants . Most of them came illegals because there were no borders at the time. Immigrants contribute to the economy of this country. They a great labor source


It's a strain on our working class citizens and hard working legal immigrants. Is there no law to protect us from this injustice?


It's shocking to me that so many citizens of New York are so aggressively anti-immigrant, based on the opinions of callers tonight. We set the tone for the rest of the country - and on top of that, we need to remember the ideals that we put forth. If we aren't tolerant and welcoming and kind to all peoples, then we're no better than what our biggest critics call us.


We do not have the money to provide for undocumented immigrants. Our schools are crowded, medical insurance is through the roof, quality of life is poor due to illegal conversions of residences to house immigrants. The middle class is running away. Who is going to pay for all this?


To the caller Jessica, many of the undocumented are taking the jobs that many skilled americans are being pushed out of. Such as painters, carpentry, roofing for example which employers would have to pay a citizen 25 to 30 dollars an hour. But they get illegals and exploit them with 8-9 dollars an hour. I know this because I see it when having work done in my family's home in queens., ny


Let people work, so they can pay taxes. In my opinion, everyone should be able to come to this (or other) country if she or he wish so. Everyone need a chance for better life. The people who choose to work, and rise families here should get the possibility to stay and be legal. Why to make it difficult for hard working people? They should be able to legalize their status. Lazy, or law breaking people should be deported, we don't need to pay from our taxes for them. I know a lot of immigrants who work hard, and i don't think that they take anything away from anyone. They pay taxes too. Whoever is willing to work, will find a job.


Before Mayor de Blasio, his predecessor-Mayor Bloomberg did nothing to help the undocummented immigrants in New York. He was only talking without action. He could not issue drivers license to them, which many states did. Thanks be to God who replaced him with a compassionate, and Godly human being - Mayor de Blasio who is practising faith with works. This is the best Mayor this city has ever produced. He is God sent. He knows what Godly love is all about. May God continue to bless him with wisdom. I repeat he is nice.
Let us remember that those we are discriiminating are human beings like us, who left their various countries and families for years due to economic hardship, which we would have done assuming we belong to those third world countries. It is a blessing to us that they are here for a better life. Let us rmember the word of God, "that he who gives to the poor lends to his maker".
The undocummented immigrants truly are contributing to the growth of the economy. They are paying taxes, hence they deserve all the benefits. Those who are saying that they should not be considered in the system are wicked, and the love of God is not in them. How i wish President Obama has the veto power to grant the 11 million legal status. I support that they should be pardoned, and given legal status. Let us use our wealth from God to help those in need, this attracts the blessing of God more to this country. May God continue to bless USA. ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP